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Photo competition winner 2018

The winners of our photo competition have been determined! The jury has chosen 10 finalists. Most of them were able to stand out because of their creative approach and their special idea behind the photo. They have captured a special atmosphere of a certain moment and that make the photos from the judges point of view to the winners this year.

In addition, we have decided to award 3 special prizes. These photos inspired us because they show the Festival of Lights from a special perspective or mood. The winner receive a voucher for our photo book partner Fotokasten worth 30€.

W would warmly like to congratulate the places 4 to 10! Congratulations for winning a beautiful lava lamp by Mathmos Originals worth 100€.

We congratulate Torsten Thiele for the 3rd place in the Festival of Lights photo competition for shooting a wonderful photo of the motif of the Tahitian Fisherwomen. The 3rd price is worth 300€.

The 2nd place goes to Jessica Kriegbaum who caught the the TV tower together with the Marienkirche at Alexanderplatz from an unique ankle. Congratulations for winning 500€.

And the winner is… the 1st place of the Festival of Lights photo competition 2018 goes to: Max Kalkofen who submitted this wonderful picture of the Brandenburg Gate during twilight! Congratulations for winning a new Ambilight Philips TV!

At this point we would like to thank all the photographers who created such unique memories of our festival!
We are already looking forward to the 15th festival next year with you!

1st Place

Max Kalkofen

1. Platz Max Kalkofen

2nd Place

Irina Ziedorn

2. Platz: Jessica Kriegbaum

3rd Place

Torsten Thiele

3. Platz: Torsten Thiele

4.-10. Places

Sabine Otten

Foto: Sabine Otten

Michael Kommrowski

Foto: Michael Kommrowski

Marcus Klepper

Foto: Marcus Klepper

Dirk Jalas

Foto: Dirk Jalas

Carsten Rathge

Foto: Carsten Rathge

Andreas Siebert

Foto: Andreas Siebert

Sabine Knorr

Foto: Sabine Knorr

Special prices

Foto: Irina Ziedorn
Foto: Olaf Neidhardt
Foto: Werner Krätzig