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Light works of art in the form of sea anemones created a mystical and special atmosphere on the Piano lake.
In a virtuoso interplay of light, reflection and geometric forms, the artist Malte Kebbel created a magical and unique experience.

Starting from the sea anemone – half animal, half plant – the Berlin artist was inspired by the manifold forms and colours. In addition, the sea anemone is closely connected to other organisms with which it maintains a symbiosis. The artistic transformation of the figure is reflected in the repeating and reflecting striving, which shows a concave and convex form. Their silhouette, brought together in a circle, creates the illusion of a community.

The transformation is not limited to their silhouette. The reflective surface of the installation reflects the mood and character of the surroundings.  In daylight, the installation is based on a clear aesthetic, which only reveals its true character under the influence of special light and gives the impression of coming from a different space-time continuum. At night, the work shines through rotating lines of light that run along the central struts and allow light to shine and reflect on and between the outer struts. Through the intensive interaction of light, reflections and geometric forms, which are fragmentarily combined to form an installation, a complex picture is created whose magical attraction the viewer can hardly escape.