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Potsdamer Platz Panorama Staging

20 Years of Potsdamer Platz

The Potsdamer Platz was celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 and became a total artwork in the context of the 14th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS! The large buildings with their elaborate large-scale projections transformed into an unique panorama staging and became one of the highlights of this year’s festival edition.

The “World Championship of Projection Mapping” competition took place on the Kollhoff Tower, in the middle of Potsdamer Platz. The Forum Tower, the BahnTower, the Ritz Carlton, the P5 and the Canadian Embassy also spectacularly lit up. The various light art objects played with the impressive facets of modern art.

4th World Championship of Projection Mapping“ at the Kollhoff-Tower

The International Festival of Lights Championship in Projection Mapping entered the fourth round. After the Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower and, last year, the Berlin Cathedral, the Kollhoff Tower at the Potsdamer Platz 1 was the venue for this important international competition. The result was an impressive show. In a ten-minute 3D video mapping, six international artists from six nations demonstrated their creativity, their skills and their experience in a gigantic video mapping on the facade of the Kollhoff Tower under the motto “New Dimension of Architecture” . In this 14th Festival of Lights, the well-known building in Berlin transformed into a 90 meter high and 10 meter wide screen. The Kollhoff Tower became the stage on which illusions fuse the past, present and future into a comprehensive experience for the audience. The winner was determined by the audience. Personal favourites could be selected by online voting on Vote was open until the 13th of October at 24 o’clock. The result was announced on the last day of the festival.

Further illuminations at the Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz

As in previous years, the Pianosee and Alte Potsdamer Straße provided the stage for a special light spectacle. Water features and lights created a magical atmosphere on the Pianosee. The video mapping “Aguaviva” in front of the Haus Huth showed a mysteriously beautiful woman’s face: its brilliant white surroundings contrast with a bright red of water lilies and carnations – and made the “living water”, the translation of the Spanish title, even more mysterious.

The wonderful floor projection on Potsdamer Platz completed the experience at Potsdamer Platz. The Ritz-Carlton, the Forum Tower, the BahnTower, the P5 and the Canadian Embassy were also part of the overall staging.

The complete Video Mapping Show:

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