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The multitude of spectacular urban buildings on Potsdamer Platz has always provided an exciting backdrop for the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.  This year it was especially worthwhile to marvel at the great works of art and productions.

The Kollhoff Tower, the P5, the Ritz Carlton and the Forum Tower turned night into day at Potsdamer Platz.

Kollhoff Tower

The façade of the Kollhoff Tower is transformed into a huge art collage on the theme of freedom, boundlessness and Berlin. Countless artistic pictures – some of them originals that could be seen 30 years ago at the Berlin Wall by artists such as Thierry Noir, Bouchet or Ciddy – moved magically over the imposing building.


On the P5, the French wall artist Thierry Noir presented one of his typical designs, which could also be found on the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Cathedral.

Ritz Carlton

An Art Deco Design of the 20’s by the Australian artist Nicholas Azidis adorned the facade of the Ritz Carlton and gave the hotel an appropriate, elegant look.