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The light of tomorrow is a projection by the Spanish creative studio momap, an artistic message about the necessary change in the way we deal with energy. The journey through time begins with the emergence of charcoal, tells of the use of other fossil fuels in a steampunk and art deco environment, shows fire-breathing machines and arrives at the end to reality – a clear-thinking, transparent head. The artist collective RE:SORB has won several awards and is a guarantor of high-quality work. In their Mapping Transformation, in times of transformation and digitalization, it is about designing a path for a new tomorrow. In doing so, one should not lose sight of nature next to all the technology and alternative possibilities. In the video mapping by the Polish creative team Clockwork, the baroque Charlottenburg Palace is first illuminated by disco balls, sculptures dance to the beat. Then the facade transforms into a glass structure, whales swim in a cosmic environment, air bubbles turn into spheres with children …. a mystical scenery.

Another highlight was the projection of the most beautiful motifs from the children’s poster competition, which will be on display this year at Charlottenburg Palace.

If we ask the youngest members of society, they already have a very clear idea of climate change, environmental pollution and the associated consequences. With the poster competition of the non-profit initiative wirBERLIN, which has been running since 2015, children aged 6 to 12 are given the opportunity to formulate ideas and wishes and to carry them into urban society as messages. In 2021, under the motto “Protect the environment, it’s our future!” 1,707 entries were received from all Berlin districts. Around 2,000 children designed remarkable posters, either alone or together, with great enthusiasm and ingenuity. Sometimes they are colorful, sometimes gray and gloomy, painted, glued or made from collages and photos. All of them tell of the urgency to change something. At the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, selected posters from this year’s competition will be on display at Charlottenburg Palace.

The wirBERLIN initiative has been involved since 2013. One of its goals is for people to take more responsibility for their neighborhood, their green space, the playground – in short, public space – and help make Berlin even more livable and lovable.