Embassy of the Republic of Singapore 2018

In 2018, an international competition for light artists was held for the second time on the facade of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore. The theme of the contest was “City of the Future”. Quote from His Excellency Laurence Bay, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore in Berlin: “Berlin and Singapore embody modern metropolises and are subject to constant change. The question therefore arises – what will our cities look like in the future?”

The Festival of Lights jury has selected 10 finalists from 5 countries (Singapore, Spain, Romania, Hungary and Germany). The motifs of the finalists could be seen every evening at the embassy and the visitors of the festival could vote online for their favourite.

Here are the finalists and winners!

1. Place: Li Yi (Singapore)

2. Place: Gomechan (Spain)

3. Place: Eva-Maria Lotzer (Germany)

Antje Mathilde Hänzelmann (Germany)

Tímea Ferth (Hungary)

Lukas Luftläufer (Germany)

Sophie Schmidt (Germany)

Adrian Manolescu (Romania)

Zoran Stangacilovic (Romania)

Julia Witzany (Germany)