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Embassy of the Republic of Singapore 2019

Diversity of cultures – art motifs on the theme of the kaleidoscope at the Singapore Embassy

For the third time, the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore called for international competition. Kaleidoscope was this year’s motto. The kaleidoscope is an optical device with mirrors inside that creates beautiful images. But it is also a fitting metaphor for the cultural diversity of the two metropolises Singapore and Berlin.

Ten finalists showed their ideas and understanding of the power that comes from the beauty and energy of an exchange of cultures on the modern facade of the embassy. They came from China, Singapore, Berlin, Pakistan, France, America and Mexico. The festival visitors were able to choose their personal favourite among the luminous works of art online.

Here are the works of all finalists:

1. Place: Noor Alvi (Pakistan)

2.Place: Yocondo Ratio (Mexico)

3. Place: Sarah Brophy (USA)

Ernest Seah (Singapore)

Lee Tatham (Germany)

Typru (France)

Anius (Shanghai)

Thomas Schmidt (Germany)

Soh Ee Shaun (Singapore)

Sascha Günay (Germany)