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The large-scale projections on the façade of the former Stasi headquarters documented a special history: of dictatorship, repression and surveillance. But also of departure, peaceful revolution and the opening of files. The Wall fell 30 years ago, and shortly afterwards civil rights activists secured the files of the Ministry for State Security (MfS) of the GDR in the Stasi headquarters. They ensured that the archive was accessible to all concerned. Millions of people have since had access to the files.

From the Ministry’s headquarters in Berlin-Lichtenberg, with around 50 buildings and thousands of offices, up to 7,000 full-time employees organized the surveillance and persecution of the GDR population for almost four decades. Today the central archive for Stasi documents is located here. The former seat of the ministry is now a place of remembrance of dictatorship and resistance – a place of learning for democracy.

The three exhibitions at the “Stasi-Zentrale. Campus for Democracy” were also open in the evening: On the work of the “State Security in the SED Dictatorship”, on the history of the “Revolution and the Fall of the Wall” and on the Stasi documents archive with an “Insight into Secrets”. In addition, there were special guided tours on all festival days, e.g. through the Stasi Museum, through the grounds and through “Insight into the Secret” with a view into the Stasi archive of documents.