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The Climate Pledge


THE CLIMATE PLEDGE sets a luminous example at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

With the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, the spotlight also falls on the Climate Pledge initiative, a community of companies, organizations, individuals and partners from around the world. They are all combating the climate crisis with immediate action to decarbonize the economy. After all, it is companies that have a major influence on the course of the climate crisis. And it is precisely this that makes them responsible for adapting their processes on a global scale. The initiative aims to help companies develop ambitious roadmaps to do their part in meeting this challenge. Under the slogan #ChallengeAccepted, signatory companies are making three commitments. First, to regularly measure and report on their own greenhouse gas emissions. Second, to shape business change and innovation. These include the use of renewable energies, material savings and other measures to avoid CO2 emissions. After all, simple, fast and yet successful processes consume fewer resources such as energy or water. Third, it is about offsetting emissions that cannot yet be avoided through additional, quantifiable, actual and permanent compensation. Amazon and Global Optimism jointly launched the Climate Pledge in 2019 – a voluntary commitment to implement the Paris Climate Agreement ten years early and be carbon neutral by 2040. More than 100 companies have now taken up the challenge, including German companies such as Henkel, Mercedes-Benz and Siemens or international companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Unilever and Visa.


The Climate Pledge website transparently documents the participation of each new partner in the fight against climate change, as well as its goals and progress. Reported, for example, is Amazon’s electric delivery truck fleet, which includes an order of 100,000 electric vehicles – the largest order of its kind in the world. Or about why nature is playing a crucial role in combating the climate crisis, for example, with its own power to store carbon and reactivate marine or aquatic ecosystems. These and many other success stories, new stories about the individual projects and the introduction of people who are actively working on implementation in their companies can also be found daily on the initiative’s social media channels.


At the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, the messages will be seen as 3D video mapping on the TV tower, the Brandenburg Gate and Bebelplatz. In addition, THE CLIMATE PLEDGE supports the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FUTURE VISION AWARD, the competition of the world’s best video artists, which will also take place this year.


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This year’s festival motto is CREATING TOMORROW, and it was precisely this preoccupation with tomorrow that motivated the Climate Pledge to be a presenting partner. Moreover, art in combination with light is particularly well suited to present important messages emotionally and with an appropriate reach to a worldwide audience. With the impressive light art productions and 3D video mappings on the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin TV Tower and the Hotel de Rome, the topic gets the necessary visibility. All three shows – “Man,” Nature” and “Technology” – outline in their artistic way the ways to more sustainability and a reduction of carbon emission. They are a blueprint for the preservation of our planet and affirm that we must take up the challenge of our century. The mapping “Man” on the Brandenburg Gate speaks it: The future is in our hands. However, successful change on such a large scale and within a short period of time can only be achieved through a solidarity-based and consensual effort by business and society. The task is great, but together it can be accomplished. The show “Nature” on the façade of the Hotel der Rome uses vivid graphics, breathtaking visual effects, moving images and incredible color worlds to show the beauty and defenselessness of different regions and habitats of our planet. It points out how each of these places will gain by improving their carbon footprint. “Together we are strong, but even stronger with the technology we create.” That’s the content of the “Technology” video show atop Berlin’s TV tower. In science lies the most powerful agent for change and it reaches into all areas of the economy and our lives. The Climate Pledge initiative is also based on scientific facts and equally on the conviction that the necessary changes need one thing above all. Us. The people.