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Thym’ Art

Martin Ducreau – ThymArt – is a street artist from France living in Berlin, Germany.

Thym’Art sees himself as a Social Painter, by spreading his specific colors and elements around the world in order to enhance social interactions in local areas, and connect people beyond boarders.

Since beginnings of 2020, Thym’Art gives a second life to his wall paintings by projecting light animations specifically designed on them, a practice called « video-mapping ». Street projections are very powerful and help the artist in creating social interactions and changing the way people see their surroundings.

Besides his street work, including also leading workshops, Thym’Art is co-founder of TING Space and a core member of Artistania eV. in Berlin, where he deepens his artistic expression since 2016.

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Fb : Thym’Art Ducro
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