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Please find here a selection of 18 years FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin:

Best-Of 2022

It was emotional, moving, it was just beautiful. Our 18th Festival of Lights Berlin presented over 70 light artworks, by 90 artists from 12 countries. Enjoy the highlights and best moments of ten magical festival nights in our Best Of Video. We thank all partners from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to next year!

Best-Of 2021

75 locations, over 100 artworks by artists from all over the world. The 17th Festival of Lights once again transformed Berlin into a huge open-air gallery. Under the motto “Creating Tomorrow”, the light art productions called for more sustainability, more WE feeling, humanity and mindfulness as well as the preservation of cultural diversity.

Best-Of 2020

With around 100 artworks at 85 locations by 52 participating artists from 8 countries, this year’s FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS could be seen on 168 square kilometers all over Berlin. In our best-of film you can enjoy all illuminations again at a glance. A special thank you to our visitors, light-loving fans and friends for their support, motivation and positive energy! And of course to our presenter E.ON. THANK YOU!!!! We are already looking forward to a joint 17th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2021 in Berlin!

Best-Of 2019

The 15th Festival of Lights was entirely under the guiding theme of FREEDOM. 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the festival team dived the capital for 10 long nights in the Lights of Freedom. The video shows once again the most impressive moments from the largest open air gallery in the world. Thank you to all who were a part of it!

Best-Of 2018

E.ON presented the 14th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in Berlin under the motto “Connecting cultures”. The highlights of the around 60 illuminated landmarks and buildings, squares and artworks are summarized in this video. The festival team says THANK YOU to everyone who supported this luminous mission.

Best-Of 2017

The 13th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS delighted in the city of Berlin visitors with exciting projections, 3D video mappings and light installations at over 72 locations. Around 2.3 million visitors enjoyed the spectacular light shows and sent media greetings all over the world. Thank you, Berlin! See you soon!

10 Years Festival of Lights 2014

In anniversary year, Berlin’s monuments and landmarks glowed under the motto “Colours of Joy”. With spectacular events and concerts, one highlight followed the next. From the Brandenburg Gate to the Berlin Cathedral, an impressive “Ode to Joy” was created. You can find all the highlights of the spectacular event of 2014 in this review.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate 2021 –

“Creating Tomorrow”

The 3D videomapping “Creating Tomorrow” on the Brandenburg Gate took visitors on a journey through our past, present and future and confronted them with the common goals for a sustainable future. The Climate Pledge as presenting sponsor of the festival addressed these challenges and topics in its videomapping.

Brandenburg Gate 2021 –

“Energy of Tomorrow”

Stromnetz Berlin, the capital’s distribution grid operator, also drew its futuristic versions on the theme of Energy 2021 in an electrifying video mapping on the most famous of Berlin’s landmarks, the Brandenburg Gate.

Brandenburg Gate 2020

“Symphony of Life” is a beautiful three-minute video mapping on the most significant of Berlin’s landmarks. It tells the history and evolution of humanity, describes the natural rhythm of life and shows our place in the universe. Greetings from Berlin to the world, created by MP Studio from Bulgaria.

Brandenburg Gate 2019

The motto “Lights of Freedom” reflected 30 years of peaceful revolution. On the occasion of this anniversary, highly emotional moments of world history came alive on the walls of the Brandenburg Gate. The 3d videomapping was realized by the multiple award-winning MP Studio based in Sofia and Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate 2018 – “Connecting Cultures”

This year, according to the festival’s motto “Connecting Cultures”, the Brandenburg Gate was transformed into a place where the most diverse cultures meet. In a seven-minute projection, MP Studio took the audience on a breathtaking journey around the world, underlining the beauty of cultures through art, music and nature.

Brandenburg Gate 2018 – “Language of Love”

In all the languages of the world, the word “Love” could be read on the Berlin landmark. As a symbol for peaceful unity and a successful connection of different cultures, the Brandenburg Gate thereby perfectly reflected this year’s motto “Connecting Cultures.” The staging was designed by Birgit Zander – artistic director of the festival – together with Daniel Bandke from [E]MOTION VIDEOMAPPING. It’s great that this feature was able to inspire so many people and encourage them to take great photos. Share the LOVE AND LIGHT!

TV Tower

TV Tower 2021

In 2021, Germany’s tallest building shone entirely in the light of the future and technology. Together we are strong, but even stronger with the technology we create. Together with The Climate Pledge, the Festival of Lights presented the “Future Vision Award”. The three international artist teams Les Ateliers Nomad, Clockwork and George Berlin showed their video mappings on the topics of science, sustainability and climate protection. The complete show with all mappings can be found under “Special Awards”.

We love Berlin 2016

For the “We love Berlin” campaign, all Berlin fans were asked to send in their favorite motif or image. The resulting collage was created as part of a video mapping on Germany’s tallest building, the Berlin TV Tower. An impressive homage to Berlin!

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral 2021

The Berlin Cathedral has been an integral part of the festival’s program since its inception. In 2021, it was a projection surface for various interpretations of the festival motto “Creating Tomorrow” and presents contributions by well-known international artists such as Thierry Noir, Otto Schade, Archan Nair, Ross Ashton, Daniel Margraf and MP Studio. One of the still projections also came to life via augmented reality.

Lumissimo at Berlin Cathedral 2013

Visitors to the sold-out Berlin Cathedral were amazed by a sound and light experience of a special kind on the occasion of the opening of the 9th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: A cross-over concert combines the cathedral’s Sauer organ with a laser harp in an unprecedented way, allowing popular works of classical music to resound in color as well. Together with saxophone, laser show and well-known singers from soul, pop and gospel, a concert was created in a breathtaking atmosphere that touched the heart, soul and the senses.

Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz 2021

“Creating Tomorrow” was the overarching motto of all installations at Quartier Potsdamer Platz, emblazoned in large letters across the square. It intensively highlighted topics such as sustainability, the future, science, humanity and diversity. The installations stretched from the main square to Alte Potsdamer Straße, to Marlene-Dietrich-Platz and Pianosee.

DUNDU at Potsdamer Platz 2021

On the opening weekend, 2021 additionally hosted the light giant DUNDU. DUNDU literally means “you and you” and thus stands for a great statement in times when togetherness is more than important. The light giant amazes people all over the world and is a powerful canvas onto which visitors can project their imagination, dreams and wishes.

Potsdamer Platz 2020

The Potsdamer Platz was again transformed into a large stage for light art during the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. Highlights this year were the giant light sculptures L.O.V.E. and Unity as well as the large-format projections on the Kollhoff and Forum towers. In the old “Potsdamer Straße”, 140 light blossoms adorned the treetops and luminous swans danced a ballet on Piano Lake. A video show on the Stagetheater featured well-known Berlin artists.

20 Years Potsdamer Platz 2018

A spectacular panorama production including the world’s unique World Championship of Projection Mapping on the Kollhoff Tower was one of the festival highlights in 2018. Potsdamer Platz was illuminated with artistic large-scale projections for its 20th anniversary.

Monuments & historical buildings

Charlottenburg Palace 2021

The Future Vision Award, a competition of the best international lighting artists, was presented at Charlottenburg Palace in 2021. Under the festival motto “Creating Tomorrow” they showed their visions of a new tomorrow. All mappings below under “Special Awards”. The wirBerlin initiative also held a poster competition for children on the theme “Protect the environment, it is our future”. The most beautiful creations were also displayed on the palace facade.

Konzerthaus 2021

At the Gendarmenmarkt, the Festival of Lights presented a 3D video mapping on the façade of the Konzerthaus entitled “a symphony that never ends”, which, among other things, traced the development of sound carriers. With a tribute to Sony Music’s greatest artists*. From classical music to international pop to hip hop, all artists* are groundbreaking, visionary and shape the current zeitgeist. Then and now. It’s a rapturous journey through time, from the gramophone to the record player to the long-loved music cassette.

Victory Column 2021

The LA-based makeup brand NYX Professional Makeup stands for equality and diversity with its colorful persona. This year, a unique video mapping took place on the Victory Column as part of the #ProudAllies diversity campaign. The company’s Proud Allies for All campaign advocates for a global network of allied allies. Everyone should receive the support they need. “Ally” means a person who supports the LGBTQIA+ community and stands up for them at all times.


Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

After a year’s break, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Breitscheidplatz finally shone again. The part newly built after the war according to the designs of architect Egon Eiermann celebrated its 60th birthday this year, and an appeal for donations was launched for the restoration of the famous blue glasses. So what could be more natural than to draw attention to this with a staging? In the festival, the Old Tower shone with large-scale motifs of its blue and colored glass windows created by the French stained glass artist Gabriel Loire.

Charlottenburg Palace 2020

This year at Charlottenburg Palace, visitors were taken on a journey into the molecular depths of nature and its fascinating questions. From the tiny microscopic to the wide expanses of the cosmos, the mysteries of the connection and origin of things are explored. The team of artists behind the impressive 3D projection is RE:SORB from Berlin. Their specialty is to create immersive experiential spaces that bring about unforgettable as well as transformative memories.

Köpenick Palace 2020

Various art motifs by the artist team RE:SORB from Berlin transformed the beautiful baroque palace Köpenick with its arts and crafts treasures into a special destination.

Tränenpalast 2019

At the “Tränenpalast” (Palace of Tears) at Friedrichstraße station, we showed a video looking back at events during the division of Germany. Here, in the former exit hall of the so-called “border station” between East and West Berlin, there were many tearful and sad farewells, which gave the building its current name: “Tränenpalast”.

Ministeries & Institutions

Ministeries & Institutions 2021

Creating Tomorrow – the festival’s motto was followed by the Federal Ministries This year, the Federal Ministries, the Federal Press Office, the European House and the Federal Foreign Office followed the festival motto individually with their themes for the future: a video mapping by the Federal Foreign Office was directed against institutional violence and discrimination against Asian people. The Federal Ministry of Finance focused its motifs on a future-oriented budgetary and financial policy. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals were featured in a projection by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Freedom of the press was the focus of the Federal Press Office, and the historic facade of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure illuminated the paths we take in life. A strong, united Europe is also part of our future.

Federal Foreign Office 2020

“Faces of Europe” on the façade of the Federal Foreign Office. In 2020, an extraordinary journey took photo artist Carsten Sander through all EU member states on behalf of the German Foreign Office on the occasion of the EU Council Presidency. His mission: 1000 portrait photos of people from a wide variety of ethnic and social backgrounds. 1000 Faces of the European Union – an outstanding demonstration of European sensibilities and a work about peaceful coexistence, tolerance and shared values.

BMVi 2020

Digital raindrops blur into seawater, ship captains meet on the high seas, the sea suddenly turns into outer space, people meet on the street and celebrate 30 years of German unity: At the Festival of Lights 2020, the historical façade of the Federal Ministry of Transport shows the paths we take in life. The motto: “Mobility connects” – on the water, in the air, on earth, in reunified Germany, in Europe, worldwide.

Federal Ministry of Finance 2019

For the 15th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, the Federal Ministry of Finance told the stories of its official building, which are closely linked to the history of the Berlin Wall. The events served as a reminder that freedom cannot be taken for granted and must be defended each and every day. With this special message, everyone could participate via social media within an interactive festival action of the ministry to powerfully breaking down the wall once again.

Federal Foreign Office 2019

The Federal Foreign Office in Berlin told a story of liberation and salvation during the 15th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: “I’ve come to inform you that today your departure…” The rest of the speech of the then Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher was delivered in autumn 1989 in frenetic jubilation and the “Freedom! Freedom” cries of the nearly 4,000 GDR citizens who had sought refuge in the building and garden of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Prague.

Bridges & Fountains

Oberbaum Bridge 2021

The 3D video mapping on the Oberbaumbrücke 2021 drew a visual spectacle for the best possible coexistence between man and nature. It was about being able to create a future worth living only through the union of mother earth and human spirit. For a bridge to this future, therefore, the pure forces of nature must understand and join forces with modern technology in the best possible way.

Oberbaum Bridge 2020

As one of the most beautiful bridges in Berlin, the Oberbaumbrücke has once again connected East and West since the fall of the Wall 30 years ago. Presented by the O₂ brand, the artfully illuminated bridge will once again become a symbol of freedom during this year’s FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. The 3D – projection show “The Evolution of Communication” stages the rapid development of technology and the importance of easy and fast access to digital communication for all people in an artistic way.

Oberbaum Bridge 2020 – Special

Around October 3rd there were a couple of bright highlights on the occasion of “30 Years of German Unity”. On October 3rd, the Oberbaumbrücke was staged again with a 3D video mapping, which can be seen from the shore of the Universal Music building.

Wall Fountain 2020

The wall fountain is a walk-in granite sculpture and is intended to commemorate the Gnadenkirche, which was destroyed in the Second World War, and the Berlin Wall. The perfect projection surface for a special project of the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND). The statue shows the flora and fauna of the Green Belt, a network of habitats and a landscape of memories across Europe. The projection is funded by the “Interreg Danube Transnational Program” and funds of the European Union (ERDF, IPA)


Hotel de Rome 2021

The tenor of the video mapping at the Hotel de Rome was the story of a damaged world that heals itself. The approximately three-minute video show was presented by the main sponsor of the Festival of Lights – The Climate Pledge. It ended with the initiative’s call to businesses around the world to #ChallengeAccepted. This means recognizing one’s own responsibility and joining the goal of being CO2 neutral by 2040.

Hotel de Rome 2019

An entertaining, imaginative 3D mapping by MP-Studio on the historic facade of the Hotel de Rome at Bebelplatz.

Hotel de Rome 2018

“The Freedom of Art – Between Dream and Reality” was the motto for the mapping on the Hotel de Rome. They are the joint visions of two famous video artists: Englishman Ross Ashton, whose artful light and sound installations have already been seen around the world, and Polish artist Pani Pawlosky.

360 degree staging at Bebelplatz 2018

Stunning impressions of the 360° staging “Freedom of Art” at Bebelplatz. Thank you for your feedback! That makes us super happy! In the video you can also see our light friend Dundu on the tracks of the Walk of Light… THANK YOU DUNDU!

360 degree staging at Bebelplatz 2017

According to the motto “Opera e Luce”, the entire Bebelplatz was shining: Thus, the projection of the Hotel de Rome was extended to the Löbbecke banking house to impress with a dazzling panorama. We were very pleased to also welcome St. Hedwig’s Cathedral for the first time with a colorful projection.

Hotel de Rome 2017

The Hotel de Rome at Bebelplatz also interpreted the theme “Opera e Luce” in a special artistic way. Thus, together with the surrounding buildings, a breathtaking overall staging was created in the heart of Berlin, which had never been seen before in this form.

Hotel de Rome 2016

On the Hotel de Rome, different cultures presented themselves in a visually stunning 3D video show with a unique perspective during the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2016. The journey began in Berlin, which itself already stands for incredible cultural diversity. From here it went to Madeira, Luxembourg and to Bulgaria. Created and produced by Zander & Partner Event-Marketing GmbH.

Hotel de Rome 2015

The lotus blossom as a symbol of purity of heart and mind is the focus of a visually stunning 3D video show at the Hotel de Rome on Bebelplatz. Sponsored by the MACAU Government Tourist Office, state-of-the-art 3D mapping technology and Asian flair create a highly emotional visual symbiosis from lotus blossom to world heritage site.


Museum of National History 2020

In the 16th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, the Museum für Naturkunde in Invalidenstraße became the setting for an impressive video installation. At the center of the approximately one-minute projection is the colorful biodiversity of our worldwide flora and fauna. A wide variety of animals populate the façade of the museum in their natural habitat. They refer to the impressive biodiversity of our nature and today’s variety of life forms, which is also shown in the exhibitions

Museum of National History 2019

In its first festival year, the Museum für Naturkunde in Invalidenstrasse came to life with an elaborate video mapping. The three-minute show focused on the fascination and beauty of nature and gave a slight insight into the secrets of evolution.

James-Simon-Galerie “Kuwait-Mapping” 2019

In the 15th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC) from Kuwait was a guest for the first time and let the James Simon Gallery on the Museum Island shine with a breathtaking video mapping. The center in Kuwait combines Arab and Western culture and is one of the largest cultural building complexes in the world. The installation demonstrated this with a cross-section of ASCC’s themes and exhibitions, linked to Kuwait’s culture. An exciting journey through the evolution of humanity.

James-Simon-Galerie “Staatliche Museen zu Berlin” 2019

A beautiful selection of world-famous cultural treasures of thousands of years from the collections of the National Museums in Berlin was displayed on the facade of the James Simon Gallery to astonished visitors.

World Championship of Projection Mapping

3. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2017 – Berlin Cathedral

The third Worldchampionship in Projection Mapping under the motto “Creating Tomorrow” took place on the Berlin Cathedral in 2017. The best clips from the shows of the 10 international artists are available in this impressive Best Of Video.

2. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2016 – Brandenburg Gate

During the second Berlin FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS World Championship of Projection Mapping the visitors had the opportunity to vote for the winner. More and more designers and artists are trying their hand at this unique game of reality and illusion. More information and the videos of the other finalists can be found here.

2. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2016 – TV Tower

For the 12th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, the Berlin TV Tower, Germany’s tallest building and Berlin’s landmark, was spectacularly illuminated with 3D video mapping. As a prelude to the many creative contributions of the 2nd award, each show started with this intro mapping.

1. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2015

During the very first FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS World Championship of Projection Mapping the festival visitors were allowed to vote for their personal favorite. More information and the videos of the other finalists can be found here.

1. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2015 – Brandenburg Gate

The spectacular intro mapping by Maxin10sity on the Brandenburg Gate opened the worldwide unique World Championship of Projection Mapping during the 11th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. More information about this unique championship can be found here.

Special Awards

Hotel de Rome 2021 –

Future Vision Award

In a mapping on the Hotel de Rome, artists Ross Ashton & Karen Monid addressed the so-called “butterfly effect” in 2021 on the occasion of the “Future Vision Award”. This states that even small actions can have very large effects.

TV Tower 2021 –

Future Vision Award

This year, Germany’s tallest building shone entirely in the light of technology. The Festival of Lights presented the “Future Vision Award” in 2021. The international artist teams Les Ateliers Nomad (Romania), Studio Eigengrau (Germany) and George Berlin (USA) showed their thoughts in 1.5 minute mappings each on the theme of the inseparable connection between science, nature and technology.

Charlottenburg Palace 2021 –

Future Vision Award

Charlottenburg Palace was another venue for the “Future Vision Award” presented by the Festival of Lights together with the presenting sponsor “Climate Pledge”. In line with the festival motto “Creating Tomorrow”, the artist teams momap, RE:SORB and Clockwork interwove their visions of a new tomorrow in impressive video mappings.

E.ON Special Award 2020

In 2020, the festival team, together with E.ON, has invited three winners of past FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS competitions to present their visions of this year’s motto “Together we shine” on the imposing facade of Charlottenburg Palace. Three teams of artists from three countries will show their interpretation of cohesion, solidarity and unity. The selected artists were Tina Zimmermann from Berlin, Clockwork from Poland and MP Studio from Bulgaria.

Special Award 2018

The Special Award under the motto “Let’s create a better tomorrow” was hosted by E.ON. 18 videomapping artists from 7 European countries submitted their entries interpreting the motto. All winners of the pre-voting competed against each other in a final on the Berlin TV tower during the festival period and presented their region. Here are the magnificent mappings of the winners and finalists.


At the fourth world championship in projection mapping, the 90-meter-high and 10-meter-wide Kollhoff Tower at Potsdamer Platz will become a giant screen. In a 3D video mapping lasting about ten minutes, six international artists from six nations will demonstrate their creativity, skills and experience in gigantic video mappings on the facade of the Kollhoff Tower under the motto “New Dimension of Architecture”. Past, present and future merge into illusions, meet an enthusiastic audience. The winner was chosen by the audience via online voting at Congratulations to the winner from Mexico: Adhoc!


For the 14th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, KEF! transformed the façade of the Berlin townhouse into a street art icon with lines and colored surfaces. The complex style of KEF! is inspired by Buddhist teachings and nature and makes the building shine impressively. Also attending for the first time is Kondor Wessels, whose facade has been enchanted by street artist Millo’s love of modern art. More impressions of the many well-known street artists we had the pleasure to work with can be seen in the video.

Special Award 2017

For the first time the Berlin residence of the federal president is part of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. There is no other building that fits better to the topic “democracy” than Bellevue Palace. This is the intro mapping of the competition:

Special Award 2017 All Mappings

6 international artists interpreted their thoughts of democracy and showed their vision in a spectacular way. Frank Walter Steinmeier opened the competition with a ceremonial speech . More information and all videos of the finalists you can find here.

Making-of Movie

Making-of 2021

One day before the start of the Festival of Lights there is the traditional “lighting up”. All light art installations are tested once, so that everything works perfectly at the start of the festival. And when all of Berlin lights up, then the 5th season begins in Berlin ….. First impressions of the festival 2021 can be seen in the video.

Making-of 2020

We are pleased that a special edition of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS took place this year as well. 85 locations were offered by 51 artists from 12 countries with the support of over 60 partners all over Berlin. Here you can see our preparations for the 16th festival.


Train Stations 2021

Presented by Mein Einkaufsbahnhof, the 17th Festival of Lights once again saw stations all over Berlin shining brightly. In addition to the well-known stations such as Hauptbahnhof, Hackescher Markt and the InterCity at Ostbahnhof, there were new ones to discover in 2021: S Lichtenberg, Warschauer Straße and Sonnenallee were also part of the party. The stations in the neighborhoods also shone: S Pankow, Frohnau and Lichterfelde Ost together with the LIO shopping center.

Microsoft 2021

The illuminated mapping show “DIGITAL NATURE” on the Microsoft building took the viewers on a journey through data streams in the digital age: from magnificent architectural staging to data in the cloud to artificial intelligence and robotics to sustainability – the human aspect was not neglected either.

Sony 2021

Sony Music celebrated its new adopted home of Berlin in 2021 with its participation in the Festival of Lights. It was only in the fall of the previous year that the New York-based entertainment company moved its business for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which had previously been coordinated from Munich, to Berlin. In Schöneberg, the new headquarters on Bülowstraße became an area of futuristic video animations and dedicated the 3D videomapping to Schöneberg’s colorful diversity and historic club scene.

Tchoban Foundation 2021

The 3D video show was dedicated to Mark Fisher (1947-2013), the greatest architect of rock concerts and shows. He created dazzling and innovative shows for the most famous singers and bands of our time, including Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Pink Floyd, U2, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson and Jean-Michael Jarre, as well as the extravagant events for Walt Disney World and Cirque du Soleil.

Disney PRINZESSIN 2021

“Creating Tomorrow” was not only the motto of this year’s FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, but also part of the major campaign “DISNEY PRINCESS: FOR ALL – FOREVER”, which focuses on the beloved characters themselves as well as the values of courage, heart and kindness. Disney displayed on the facade of the Stage Theater unique illustrations of the Disney Princesses, who have been enchanting audiences with their wonderful stories for generations.

Nikolai Quarter 2021

A permanent fixture in any festival is Berlin’s oldest district, the Nikolaiviertel. It was rebuilt on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city and makes it a real Berlin landmark. During the Festival of Lights, it invites visitors* to stroll through the historic neighborhood and past atmospherically illuminated squares and facades.

Bären Tour 2020

In the course of the brand relaunch of the city, Berlin got, among other things, a new logo: the bear! The logo was sent on a luminous tour as part of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, opened by the Governing Mayor Michael Müller at the Rotes Rathaus. Afterwards, the campaign could be seen throughout Berlin on a total of 12 buildings in the form of artistic video mappings and projections. Thus, the bear visited all districts of Berlin. The Festival of Lights team is proud to have provided the framework for this significant event!

FÜRST 2020

In a prime location on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin’s prestigious address with worldwide renown, FÜRST is a glamorous architectural statement and public city square. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS makes the transformation from the former Kudamm Karree to the FÜRST visible in an artistic way. The impressive new building becomes the scene of a 3D video production and towers high above the City West. In addition to architectural effects, impressions of the new building and its facets can be seen – from gastronomy to co-working space to shopping experiences.

Berlin Decks 2020

We have created a video show that plays with the past of the former Thyssen-Krupp factory premises, shapes and colors. The facades become a gateway to the past and future of the future campus.

Victory Column 2020

The 3-minute 3-D video installation at the “Goldelse” takes place under the umbrella of the “hallo mastercard” campaign, which supports local retailers and promotes secure contactless and mobile payments. The campaign focuses on the small, priceless moments.

DRV Bund Gebäude 2020

The facade of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund high-rise building literally comes to life in the 16th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. The illusions shown are reminiscent of the works of Victor Vasarely. The animations provide an insight into the world of pension insurance, whose heart is the more than 24,300 dedicated employees. They are committed to social security on a daily basis and accompany 33 million insured persons from the start of their working lives to retirement age. They ensure that customers receive their benefits safely and reliably. To find out exactly how this happens and what Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund has to offer light-hearted career starters, visit its website

Kaufhaus Jandorf 2019

Once a department store and later a fashion institute, the imposing Jandorf department store building on Brunnenstrasse in Berlin Mitte today offers solutions for tomorrow’s mobility. The 3D video mapping on the historic façade was called “Freedom of Mobility” and showed Berlin’s rapid urban development: The projection began with an homage to the wild 20s. The narrowness of the growing metropolis was followed by the transformation into a free urban landscape with plenty of freedom of movement, allowing space to breathe and unfold. More about the mobility of the future:

70 years Israel 2018

At the premises of Berliner Union-Film Gmbh smart presents a highlight of this year’s FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: Power makes music with the smart electric symphony. The fascinating idea: heavy current from giant high voltage coils are conducted to smarts. The arising lightnings form a spectacular choreography and also individual sounds.

Smart Electric Symphony 2016

DJ Chris Bekker and the car brand smart electrify with a musical Tesla coil installation. At the “smart electric symphony” on the grounds of the Berlin Union-Film GmbH, electricity is the music. High-voltage current is directed onto smart models via enormous high-voltage coils. The resulting flashes not only form a spectacular choreography, but also produce unique sounds. DJ Chris Bekker incorporates these into a specially composed piece of music and, together with the cars as oversized mixing controllers, completely redefines the term “electronic music”.

What Visitors have to say 2014

What do our festival visitors think about the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS? We went to the streets asking people for their thoughts. We feel humbled by the positive feedback. Thank you!.

Greetings from Ambassadors 2013

Ambassadors from all over the world were sending their greetings to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. We want to say thank you for the great partnership in the past years and we are looking forward to future international projects. Here you can watch the video.

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