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Please find here a selection of 16 years FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin:

Best-of Movie

Best-Of Movie 2020

With around 100 artworks at 85 locations by 52 participating artists from 8 countries, this year’s FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS could be seen on 168 square kilometers all over Berlin. In our best-of film you can enjoy all illuminations again at a glance. A special thank you to our visitors, light-loving fans and friends for their support, motivation and positive energy! And of course to our presenter E.ON. THANK YOU!!!! We are already looking forward to a joint 17th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2021 in Berlin!

Best-Of 2019

15th Berlin Festival of Lights – Lights of Freedom

30 years after the fall of the Wall, we bathed the capital in the light of freedom for 10 nights. Enjoy in this video once again the most beautiful moments of the largest open air gallery in the world!
Many thanks to everyone who was a part of it!

Best-Of 2018

That was the Festival Of Lights Berlin 2018 presented by e.on. All highlights, artists, videos, pictures, artworks and illuminated buidlings at a glance. A big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everybody who supported and enjoyed our bright spectacle. See you in 2019!

Best-Of 2017

This was the spectacular 13th edition of FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in Berlin. Exciting projections, 3D videomappings and light installations turned Berlin into an unique and colorful experience for more around 2,3 million festival visitors. Thank you, Berlin! See you 2018!

10 Years Festival of Lights 2014

2014 was the 10 year anniversary of the Festival of Lights Berlin. As every year Berlin became a shining stage and its monuments were the shining stars. This is an aftermovie.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate 2020

In 2020 the Brandenburg Gate will present a wonderful 3-minute video mapping “Symphony of Life”. The show tells the history and evolution of mankind, the natural rhythm of existence and our place in the universe. Greetings from Berlin to the world. The mapping was created by MP Studio from Bulgaria.

Brandenburg Gate 2019

The amazing 3D-Mapping on the Brandenburg Gate during the 15th Festival of Lights in Berlin. The motto is “Lights of Freedom” and reflects 30 years of peaceful revolution. With the famous quotation of John F. Kennedy “Ich bin ein Berliner” the journey through time begins. Highly emotional moments in world history come to life again in the festival. Realized by the multiple award-winning MP Studio based in Sofia and Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate 2018

This seven-minute project of MP-Studio took the viewers on a breathtaking trip around the world which “highlighted” the beauty of different cultures through art, music and nature.

Brandenburger Gate 2018

TV Tower

We love Berlin 2016

All Berlin fans were invited to send in their favourite motif oder image. A collage was made which was presented projected on the Berlin TV tower as a homage to Berlin.

Berlin Cathedral

Lumissimo im Berliner Dom 2013

To celebrate the Festival of Lights, the visitors experienced a sound and light experience of the right art in the sold-out Berlin Cathedral: a crossover concert combined the Sauer organ of the cathedral with a laser harp and the popular works of most popular music in a special way in a previously unprecedented way New edition.

Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz 2020

The Potsdamer Platz was again transformed into a large stage for light art during the Festival of Lights. Highlights this year were the oversized light sculptures L.O.V.E. and Unity as well as the large-format projections on the Kollhoff and Forum towers. 140 blossoms adorned the treetops in Alte Potsdamer Strasse and glowing swans danced ballet on the Piano Lake. A video show showed Berlin artists at the stage theater. Thus, Potsdamer Platz became a shining work of art.

20 years Potsdamer Platz 2018

Churches & Palaces

Charlottenburg Palace 2020

This year, at Charlottenburg Palace, you will be taken on a journey into the molecular depths of nature and its fascinating questions. A journey from the microscopic to the vastness of the cosmos, as well as a question about the connection and origin of things. The team of artists behind the impressive 3D projection is RE: SORB from Berlin.

Köpenick Palace 2020

On the castle island in green Köpenick, the beautiful baroque castle, which houses treasures of arts and crafts in its museum, is transformed into a special excursion destination on with different art motifs by Resorb.

Tränenpalast 2019

At the Tränenpalast we showed a video looking back at some of the events taking place during the German division. Friedrichstraße as the so called “border station” has seen a lot of teary and sad farewells in its halls leading to the name of building next to it: “Tränenpalast”, in English “Palace of Tears”.

Ministeries & Institutions

Federal Foreign Office 2020

“Faces of Europe” at the Federal Foreign Office. Photo artist Carsten Sander took an extraordinary trip through all EU member states on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office in 2020 on the occasion of the EU Council Presidency. His mission: 1000 portraits of people from different ethnic and social backgrounds.

BMVi 2020

Digital raindrops blur into seawater, ship captains meet on the high seas, the sea suddenly turns into outer space, people meet on the streets and celebrate 30 years of German unity: During the Festival of Lights, the historic facade of the Federal Ministry of Transport will be illuminated to show paths we take in life. Our motto is : Mobility connects – on the water, in the air, on the ground, in a reunited Germany, in Europe, all over the world.

Federal Ministry of Finance 2019

The festival contribution of the Federal Ministry of Finance told the stories of his office building, which are closely connected with the history of the Berlin Wall. These events remind us that freedom cannot be taken for granted and that we have to defend it every day. That was the message of a spectacular interactive festival action by the Ministry, in which everyone could participate through the social media and tear down the Wall once again.

Federal Foreign Office 2019

The Federal Foreign Office in Berlin told a story of liberation and salvation during the 15th Festival of Lights: “I’ve come to inform you that today your departure…” The rest of the speech of the then Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher was delivered in autumn 1989 in frenetic jubilation and the “Freedom! Freedom” cries of the nearly 4,000 GDR citizens who had sought refuge in the building and garden of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Prague.

Bridges & Fountains

Oberbaum Bridge 2020

As one of the most beautiful bridges in Berlin, the Oberbaum Bridge has been connecting East and West again since the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago. Presented by the O₂ brand, the artistically illuminated bridge at this year’s FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS will once again become a symbol of freedom.

Wall Fountain 2020

The wall fountain is a walk-in granite sculpture and is intended to commemorate the Gnadenkirche, which was destroyed in the Second World War, and the Berlin Wall. The perfect projection surface for a special project of the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND). The statue shows the flora and fauna of the Green Belt, a network of habitats and a landscape of memories across Europe. The projection is funded by the “Interreg Danube Transnational Program” and funds of the European Union (ERDF, IPA).

Oberbaum Bridge 2020

Around October 3rd there were a couple of bright highlights on the occasion of “30 Years of German Unity”. On October 3rd, the Oberbaumbrücke was staged again with a 3D video mapping, which can be seen from the shore of the Universal Music building.


Hotel de Rome 2019

This is the amazing 3D-Videomapping by MP-Studio for the Festival of Lights Berlin. The renowed Hotel de Rome at Bebelplatz Berlin was made into a screen showcasing an entertaining program including this mapping next to the StreetArt Challenge.

Hotel de Rome 2018

360 degrees staging of the Bebelplatz 2018

360 degrees staging of the Bebelplatz 2017

With the motto „Opera e Luce“ the whole Bebelplatz was shining. For the first time the projection on the Hotel de Rome was extended on the Bankhaus Löbbecke in order to create a bigger panorama. Also the St. Hedwigs Cathedral was part of the colorful projection.

Hotel de Rome 2017

In addition, the Hotel de Rome was in the center of attention at the Bebelplatz. The theme “Opera e Luce” was staged in a beautifully artistic way. Together with the other buildings the Hotel de Rome was part of a breathtaking staging in the heart of Berlin.

Marketplace of Cultures 2016

During the Festival of Lights 2016 Hotel de Rome presented different cultures in a visually stunning 3D video show. Created and produced by Zander & Partner Event-Marketing GmbH.

Videomapping on the Hotel de Rome 2015

Die Lotusblüte – Symbol für die Reinheit des Herzen und des Geistes – steht im Mittelpunkt einer bildgewaltigen 3D Video-Show am Bebelplatz auf dem Hotel de Rome. Dabei bilden modernste 3D Mapping Technologie und asiatisches Flair eine hoch emotionale visuelle Symbiose von der Lotusblüte bis hin zu Weltkulturerbe.
Gefördert von: MACAU Government Tourist Office


Museum of National History 2020

At the center of the approx. One-minute projection is the colorful biodiversity of our worldwide flora and fauna. This year many different animals populate the facade of the museum in their natural habitat. They refer to the impressive biodiversity of our nature and today’s diversity of life forms, which is shown in the museum.

Museum of National History 2019

This year for the first time the Museum of Natural History in Invalidenstrasse was part of the Festival of Lights. The museum came to life during the festival nights in a four-minute 3D video mapping. The show focused on the fascination and beauty of nature and gave a glimpse into the secrets of evolution.

James-Simon-Galerie “Kuwait-Mapping” 2019

The Festival of Lights hosted the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, ASCC for short, from Kuwait, and gave the new building on Museum Island a breathtaking video mapping. The center in Kuwait combines Arabic and Western culture and is one of the largest cultural building complexes in the world. In the festival, this became visible for the Berliners and their guests in a 10-minute video mapping. It showed a cross-section of the themes and exhibitions of the ASCC and connected this with the culture of Kuwait. A journey through the evolution of mankind.

James-Simon-Galerie “Staatliche Museen zu Berlin” 2019

In the second part of the extremely elaborate mapping, a selection of the world-famous cultural treasures of the National Museums in Berlin could be admired. A collection of masterpieces and contemporary witnesses from many millennia, united in an internationally unique cultural collection.

World Championship of Projection Mapping

3. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2017

The 3rd World Championship of Projection Mapping took place at Berlin Cathedral in 2017. The motto was: Creating Tomorrow. 10 international artists competed against each other. The audience voted. More information and all videos you can find here.

2. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2016

For the first time the Berlin TV tower, the highest building of Germany and most famous landmark of Berlin, was projected by a spectacular 3D video mapping. This is the intro mapping.

2. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2016

During the impressive 2nd World Championship of Projection Mapping the visitors had the chance to vote for the winner. More information and videos of all finalists you will find here.

1. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2015

During the Festival of Lights 2015 the show on the Brandenburg Gate was opened by a spectacular Intro mapping.  More information regarding the championship you can find here.

1. World Championship of Projection Mapping 2015

During the successful 1st World Championship of Projection Mapping the visitors had the chance to vote for the winner. More information and videos of all finalists you will find here.

Special Awards

E.ON Special Award 2020

This year, the festival team, together with E.ON, invited three winners of previous Festival of Lights competitions to present their visions of this year’s motto on the imposing facade of Charlottenburg Palace. Three teams of artists from three countries show their interpretation of cohesion, solidarity and unity. The chosen ones are: Tina Zimmermann from Berlin, Clockwork from Poland and MP Studio from Bulgaria.

Special Award 2018

Festival of Lights Award 2018

Streetart @ Festival of Lights 2018

Special Award 2017

For the first time the Berlin residence of the federal president is part of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. There is no other building that fits better to the topic “democracy” than Bellevue Palace. This is the intro mapping of the competition:

Special Award 2017 All Mappings

6 international artists interpreted their thoughts of democracy and showed their vision in a spectacular way. Frank Walter Steinmeier opened the competition with a ceremonial speech . More information and all videos of the finalists you can find here.

Making-of Movie


We are pleased that a special edition of the Festival of Lights took place this year as well. 85 locations were offered by 51 artists from 12 countries with the support of over 60 partners all over Berlin. Here you can see our preparations for the 16th festival.


Bear Tour 2020

In the course of the brand relaunch of the city, Berlin has among other things get a new logo: the bear! The logo was sent on a glowing tour as part of the Festival of Lights, opened by the Governing Mayor Michael Müller at the Rotes Rathaus. The campaign could then be seen all over Berlin on a total of 12 buildings in the form of artistic video mappings and projections. With that, the bear visited all districts of Berlin. The Festival of Lights team is proud to have provided the framework for this significant event!

FÜRST 2020

In the best location on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin’s prestigious address with a worldwide reputation, the FÜRST is a space for special places. We make the transformation from the former Kudamm Karree to the FÜRST visible in an artistic way.

Berlin Decks 2020

We have created a video show that plays with the past of the former Thyssen-Krupp factory premises, shapes and colors. The facades become a gateway to the past and future of the future campus.

Victory Column 2020

The 3-minute 3-D video installation at the “Goldelse” takes place under the umbrella of the “hallo mastercard” campaign, which supports local retailers and promotes secure contactless and mobile payments. The campaign focuses on the small, priceless moments.

DRV Bund Gebäude

The high-rise building of the Deutschen Rentenversicherung Bund is part of the Festival of Lights. This year the facade comes to life and shows illusions reminiscent of the works of Victor Vasarely. The building is redesigned by the animations and shows the world and the heart of the pension insurance. The more than 24,300 committed employees who work daily for social security are the most important of the organization. They attend 33 million insured people from entry into working life to retirement age. They ensure that customers receive their services safely and reliably. How exactly this happens and what the Deutschen Rentenversicherung Bund has to offer light-loving career starters can be found on the website better-bei-uns.de.

Department Store Jandorf 2019

Once a department store and later a fashion institute, the imposing Jandorf department store building on Brunnenstrasse in Berlin Mitte today offers solutions for tomorrow’s mobility. The 3D video mapping on the historic façade was called “Freedom of Mobility” and showed Berlin’s rapid urban development: The projection began with an homage to the wild 20s. The narrowness of the growing metropolis was followed by the transformation into a free urban landscape with plenty of freedom of movement, allowing space to breathe and unfold. More about the mobility of the future: your-now.com

70 years Israel Video Mapping 2018

DJ Chris Bekker 2016

At the premises of Berliner Union-Film Gmbh smart presents a highlight of this year’s Festival of Lights: Power makes music with the smart electric symphony. The fascinating idea: heavy current from giant high voltage coils are conducted to smarts. The arising lightnings form a spectacular choreography and also individual sounds.

What visitors say 2014

What do our festival visitors think about the Festival of Lights? We went to the streets asking people for their thoughts. We feel humbled by the positive feedback. Thank you!

Greetings from ambassadors 2013

Ambassadors from all over the world were sending their greetings to the Festival of Lights. We want to say thank you for the great partnership in the past years and we are looking forward to future international projects. Here you can watch the video:

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