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Lights of Freedom: October 11th – 20th, 2019


In October 2019 our big anniversary festival will take place: 15 years of FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in Berlin!

The motto: Lights of Freedom. Also because of the occasion of the “30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall” in 2019, our festival makes FREEDOM the guiding theme! We stage famous landmarks, buildings and squares of Berlin, from the Brandenburg Gate to the TV Tower. In addition many other buildings and squares of the city will be illuminated. For 10 nights, the capital will become the largest open air gallery in the world! We look forward seeing you!

This was Festival of Lights 2018:


Premiere: Walk of Light!


For the first time ever the Festival  of Lights presented two walking routes, the “Walk of Light”, on which all the illuminations and art works could be explored. To ensure that no light art installation was missed! Route in blue (4,1 km) and route in pink (2,15 km).

Another route is going to the “Europa im Licht” (Europe in light) locations (dark blue, 6,6 km). Also we are recommending discovering the City West. You could enjoy “Festival of Lights XXL” when you visited all illuminations and locations 🙂 These larger light route could be explored best with the Lightliner or one of the other beautiful LightSeeing tours. Here you can download the illumination map and the program.

Illuminations 2018


We are presenting here the illuminations of the Festival of Lights 2018 in the following overview. We were presenting 150 different art works on 60 locations. We had 66 artists from 25 countries! All landmarks and buildings were shining if not marked with artistic projections which tell stories and present themes. Video Mappings including length were highlighted. Here you can download the illumination map and the program.


1. Bode-Museum (front)


2. Bode-Museum (side)

2018_Bodemuseum_Andreas Preis_006_FH

3. Ampelmann


4. James-Simon-Park

2018_James-Simon-Parl_Baumprojektion Disney_011_FH

5. Alte Nationalgalerie

Alte Nationalgalerie

6. Berlin Cathedral (side)

2018_Berliner Dom_Nordportal_001_FH

7. Spreepalais

Festival of Lights Cocktail oder Glühwein im A Tavola

8. Marienkirche


9. Berlin TV tower

E.ON mit Logo

9. Berlin TV tower

Urban Art

10. Neptunbrunnen

Guardians of Sustainability by Manfred Kielnhofer
Guardians of Sustainability by Manfred Kielnhofer

11. Altes Stadthaus

Altes Stadthaus - Artist: KEF!
Altes Stadthaus - Artist: KEF!

12. Nikolaiviertel


13. Neuer Marstall

Bild mit Logo

14. ESMT


15. Auswärtiges Amt

2018_Auswärtiges Amt_001_EV

Bebelplatz: 16 - 20

2018_Bebelplatz_Freedom of Art_082_FH

16. St. Hedwigs-Kathedrale

2018_St. Hedwigs Kathedrale_Freedom of Art_002_FH

17. Staatsoper


18. Juristische Fakultät


19. Hotel de Rome


20. Humboldt-University


21. Zeughaus


22. Rausch Schokoladenhaus

Rausch Schokoladenhaus
Rausch Schokoladenhaus

23. Europäisches Haus


24. Brandenburg Gate


25. USA Embassy


26. Singapore Embassy

2018_Botschaft SIngapur_002_EV

Potsdamer Platz: 27 - 38


27. Forum Tower

2018_Potsdamer Platz_Pianohaus_001_EV

28. Kollhoff-Tower

Kollhoff Tower 2

29. Potsdamer Platz


30. Bahntower


31. Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton

32. P5


33. Canadian Embassy


34. Haus Huth

"Aguaviva", Haus Huth
"Aguaviva", Haus Huth
A project by “Berlin leuchtet”

35. Alte Potsdamer Straße

A project by “Berlin leuchtet”

36. Pianosee

Schiffchen am Pianosee
A project by “Berlin leuchtet”

37. Loeser & Wolff Haus

2018_Loeser & Wolff Haus_002_FH

38. Shell-Haus / BJM


City West: 39 - 44


39. Upper West

Upper West 2

40. Technical University

2018_Technische Universität_Motiv 2_005_FH

41. rbb

Artist: Clemens Rothbauer

42. Funkturm


43. Kondor Wessels

2018_Kondor Wessels_020_FH

44. DRV


45. BMZ

Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit

46. Bundesministerium der Finanzen

Bundesministerium der Finanzen

47. BMJV

BM der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz

48. BMG


49. BMWi

BM für Wirtschaft und Energie

50. Körner Eventkommunikation

Interaktive Lichtinstallation
Interaktive Lichtinstallation

51. Planetarium Mariannenplatz

"The New Infinity"
"The New Infinity"

52. Marzahner Mühle

Moulin Rouge

53. Spreebogen (5.+6.10.)


54. Ministergärten (12.10.)

14.10.2016, DEU, Berlin: vlnr.: Landesvertretungen Niedersachsen und Schleswig-Holstein, Landesvertretung Rheinland-Pfalz, Landesvertretung Saarland - JAZZ in den Ministergärten 2016 - „Jazz in den Ministergärten 2016“ ist eine gemeinschaftliche Veranstaltung der Landesvertretungen Niedersachsen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein. , Deutschland, Germany, Landesvertretungen In den Ministergärten, Berlin-Mitte, SCHILKE_20161014183705 [ Photo-copyright: Detlev Schilke, Postfach 350802, 10217 Berlin, Germany, Mobile: +49 170 3110119, photo@detschilke.de, www.detschilke.de - Jegliche Nutzung nur gegen Honorar nach MFM, Urhebernachweis nach Par. 13 UrhG und Belegexemplare. Only editorial use, advertising after agreement! Eventuell notwendige Einholung von Rechten Dritter wird nicht zugesichert, falls nicht anders vermerkt. Sie obliegt im Bedarfsfall dem Nutzer. No Model Release! No Property Release! AGB/TERMS: http://www.detschilke.de/terms.html ]

57. Askania (06.10.)


56. Lichtenberg


57. Gärten der Welt (05.&06.10)

Chinesiches Mondfest, 22. September 2018, Gärten der Welt, Blumberger Damm 44 / Eisenacher Str. 99, 12685 Berlin // Foto: Ole Bader / sandwichpicker.com

58. Alte Post Tegel

Alte Post

The program from 2017 you find in our program history.


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We would like to point out that our LightSeeing partners organise and carry out the tours on their own responsibility within the framework of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. Please book your tour directly with our partner online or by telephone.

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Events, Dates and temporary illuminations you find in this overview:

In addition, there are daily illuminations from 7 pm until midnight. The illumination list of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2019 will follow shortly.


11Okt 201919:0020:30Festival of Lights Opening

11Okt 2019(Okt 11)19:3020(Okt 20)23:59Stations in the Light

12Okt 201919:0023:59OPEN NIGHTS 2018

18Okt 201919:00Jazz in den Ministergärten