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From September 11th to 20th, 2020. Every evening from 8pm to midnight. There will be 85 venues spread across Berlin on a total of 168 square kilometers, 24 of which will be temporarily illuminated on individual festival evenings. The exact locations can be found in our overview plan in the link. In addition, there will be a small special on the Day of German Unity from 02.-04. October 2020.

No, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is free of charge for you as a visitor!

“Together we shine”. With this year’s concept we would like to set a shining example: for more cohesion, unity, confidence, humanity and for the incredible diversity, joie de vivre, freedom and tolerance in Berlin.

The Festival of Lights is a format and a brand for staging cities, city quarters and squares. We turn the city into a stage and the monuments, buildings and squares into the stars.
The Festival of Lights can be seen as an open air light art gallery that invites you to stroll. Connected to the festival is a communication platform for partners, companies, institutions and organizations for their storytelling. The Berlin Festival of Lights was not and is not initiated or financed by the State of Berlin.

Birgit Zander is the initiator, producer and also artistic director of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. Born in Berlin, she has been making her hometown shine in artistic lighting since 2005.

The Festival of Lights is not an event of the State of Berlin. It is a cultural initiative based on social entrepreneurship – free of charge for visitors, which is financed and made possible by many supporters, partners and sponsors. The agency Zander & Partner GmbH has been one of the main sponsors and producer at the same time since 2005. The Festival of Lights is organized in Berlin and in other cities by the FOL Festival of Lights International Productions GmbH. The Festival of Lights in Berlin is also supported by the Friends of Berlin International eV association.

The main lighting times during the festival are daily from 8:00 p.m. – 12:00 p.m., but may vary for individual illuminations, which we will then point out separately. You can find more detailed information on our website and in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS app, which uses a news service to keep all visitors up to date.

You can find an overview plan here.

52 artists from 8 countries as well as over 60 partner companies and institutions are participating in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS this year. More than 100 works of art in 85 locations are staged with light in every Berlin district and many neighborhoods. Of these, 61 illuminations can be admired continuously and 24 more temporarily on various festival evenings.

In addition, “FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS on Tour” offers a total of 15 LightSeeing tours.

All information can be found here

Here is the entire program

Click here for the illumination map

You can download the app free of charge from the popular app stores

Our website is constantly updated. You can also get the latest information on our social media, e.g. on Facebook and Instagram . You can get the program in the visitBerlin stores (visitBerlin Infopoints) as well as the Muddastadt shops “Unter den Linden” and “Alexanderplatz”. Of course also from our LightSeeing partners and online in our Download area.

In order to let all fans participate in the shining moments, the videos and photos of this year’s productions will be published on our homepage and our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/festivaloflightsberlin.

In addition, this year there is something new to discover on our YouTube channel for all lighting enthusiasts who could not come to Berlin: Virtual Reality Mappings. These videos show how certain monuments and sights in Berlin (e.g. Teufelsberg or Tempelhof Airport) would look like if you were part of the Festival of Lights.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS takes place outside. And we invite you to light walks in the evening.
We urge visitors to keep their distance and ask to wear a nose and mouth mask. If it gets too full in some places, we will announce this and have to temporarily switch off the illumination in an emergency.

We can bring joy to so many people at a difficult time. With light and art – completely free and open air. Art and culture are simply part of life. It is therefore a real concern of ours to show that cultural life is also possible in such times. Our guiding principle is: “The spirit of making possible – despite everything”. Instead of canceling the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, at least do something, albeit differently.

We have adapted our concept to the current situation and have spent months exchanging and coordinating intensively with many authorities and institutions. The program is calmer and more level-headed. We focus on equalization and are represented with our light installations in every Berlin district and in many different neighborhoods.
In addition to the illuminations in the center of Berlin, there are video mappings at selected locations. In addition, many temporary works of art on individual evenings at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS on tour. It’s worth checking the calendar every day. This year we are also relying on atmospheric photos, avoiding long shows and for the first time also offering a virtual festival with our app. Especially for all FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS fans, so to speak, who cannot travel.

Please keep the minimum distance and wear mouth and nose protection.

Many new measures have been taken this particular year. Together with the police, the Festival of Lights has set up an operations center in which various information from many festival locations converges. This is also where a decision is made as to whether there are too many visitors for individual installations who cannot or cannot keep enough distance, so that the staging has to be temporarily switched off until everything is lost again. Many security guards are on duty as well as staff who make permanent announcements.
In addition, on projection towers we use posters that can be seen from a long distance to indicate that the minimum distance must be observed and that mouth and nose protection be worn.

Yes, again this year visitors to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS are invited to share the most beautiful impressions and special motifs of the illuminated buildings. The photo competition is presented by Excire. Above all, the aim is to capture the special atmosphere of the festival and the “very specific moment” when the trigger is pressed. In addition to the Excire photo software, the first 3 winners will also receive cash prizes of € 300 – € 1000.
All information on this  here

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is a temporary art event to which the rules of copyright apply. Hobby photographers are permitted to use photos of motifs from the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS on social media platforms for non-commercial use without the need for a license from the organizer. For all other licensing questions, please contact us.

Since the illuminations are viewed from the outside, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is also suitable for wheelchair users. In addition, some LightSeeing partners offer barrier-free tours.

Under the heading LightSeeing you get an overview of the different tour variants.

All our LightSeeing tours are offered by license partners, you can book them directly at our partners on the telephone numbers as mentioned or online.

Under the heading Illuminations you will find information on this year’s projects well in advance of the festival.

In our program can find details about the contents and dates of our events. In order to keep up-to-date with all the latest news, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is a cultural initiative based on social entrepreneurship and is financed by sponsors, supporters and licensees.

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There are numerous possibilities to participate creatively and artistically in and in the festival. We always look forward to new ideas! Information and details on participation in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS:

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