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The Festival of Diversity

Our diverse life, staged on the most famous landmarks of Berlin.
Through our very special ART: Bright, radiant, colorful and artistic. An immersion into colorful worlds. With the “Colours of Life”.

With light art we want to show how multifaceted and beautiful life is in a diverse society. How we can all win through mutual respect and appreciation. And how a creative diversity arises from very different ways of living, which always brings forth something new and exciting. Not only in Berlin.

Diversity shines bright

With this year’s motto, we not only want to draw attention to different art forms and variations of light art, but also place a special focus on values such as uniqueness, dignity, respect and acceptance. Because this is the only way we can live together in a diverse society. Differences make all our lives more colourful – and better.

We explicitly support PoC, people with a history of refuge and migration, the LGBTQIA+ community and people with disabilities. And cooperate with organizations on these topics.

One of the most famous and popular festivals in the world

Millions of bright faces. Millions of shining eyes. This is what the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS stands for every autumn since 2005. When Berlin becomes the big glowing stage and the monuments, buildings and squares become the stars. When all of Berlin lights up! This is when we tell stories, draw attention to the hidden, present cultures, arts and innovative technology, and convey messages and current issues. Magic Moments in Berlin!

This is exactly what the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS represents with its unique light art full of diversity, innovation and luminosity. Created by the festival team, in collaboration with renowned artists from many countries.

With our productions and creations, we want to touch people. Light guides us, awakens our emotions, enchants our senses. Light connects and is universal.

Light is life.
Birgit Zander (organiser of the Festival of Lights)

Magic moments in

The city becomes a stage.