About the Festival

The 20th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS will take place from 04 to 13 October 2024. The exact locations will be published on our program website soon.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is a format and a brand for staging cities, city quarters and squares. We turn the city into a stage and the monuments, buildings and squares into the stars.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS can be seen as an open air light art gallery that invites you to stroll. Connected to the festival is a communication platform for partners, companies, institutions and organizations for their storytelling. The Berlin Festival of Lights was not and is not initiated or financed by the State of Berlin.

Birgit Zander is the initiator, producer and also artistic director of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. Born in Berlin, she has been making her hometown shine in artistic lighting since 2005.

The FFESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is not an event of the State of Berlin. It is a cultural initiative based on social entrepreneurship – free of charge for visitors, which is financed and made possible by many supporters, partners and sponsors. The agency Zander & Partner GmbH has been one of the main sponsors and producer at the same time since 2005. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is organized in Berlin and in other cities by the FOL Festival of Lights International Productions GmbH. The Festival of Lights in Berlin is also supported by the Friends of Berlin International eV association.

The patron of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2024 is the governing mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner. To the greeting message.

The lighting times of the venues in the festival period are daily from 7 pm to 11 pm. The times may vary for individual illuminations, we point this out separately on our website and in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS app.

You can find an overview map 2023 on our program page.

Sustainability is the guiding principle in the entire performance chain of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. The concept is based on the three pillars “ecological, economic and social”.

Aspect Economy: The charisma of the FESTIVALS OF LIGHTS extends far beyond the borders of the capital. Therefore, it is an important factor for the Berlin tourism industry and the economy as a whole.

Social aspect: The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has been free of charge every year since its founding. It is part of the basic idea that it is a gift to Berlin, the Berliners and guests from all over the world. It is very important to the organizers that many people enjoy it, regardless of their financial means.

Aspect ecology: In addition to the very low power consumption from 100% renewable energy, the festival implements other new measures. The complete production will be as sustainable as possible. For example, bundled transports, reusable material and minimized travel distances through timers and remote controls contribute to this. In addition, the event is increasingly doing without printed materials and is relying more on its own app a new program website and an e-magazine. More than ever, the festival routes are designed to be easily explored on foot or by bike, or to be easily accessible by public transport.

No, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is free of charge for you as a visitor!

On our program page you will always find the latest information. During the festival, you can additionally get everything important from our digital festival newspaper. More news can be found in our social media, e.g. on Facebook and Instagram .

Since the illuminations are viewed from the outside, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is also suitable for wheelchair users. In addition, some LightSeeing partners offer barrier-free tours.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is a cultural initiative based on social entrepreneurship and is financed by sponsors, supporters and licensees.

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Our motto “Celebrating Freedom” focuses on freedom, self-determination and free development, because these values cannot be taken for granted. We therefore see them as a gift that we must preserve.

We stage diversity artistically with light throughout Berlin. Our artists come from all over the world and show us their unique light art to take us into colorful worlds. But also beyond the art, we want to show the fantastic diversity of Berlin and focus on values such as uniqueness, dignity, respect and acceptance. Because only in this way can we live together in a diverse society. Differences make all our lives more colorful – and better.

We want to use light art to show how multifaceted and beautiful life is in a diverse society. And how a creative diversity arises from very different ways of shaping life, which always brings forth something new and exciting. To this end, we also cooperate with organizations that support and value this diversity.

We want to create visibility and explicitly support PoC, people with a history of flight and migration, the LGBTQIA+ community and people with disabilities.

The Brandenburg Gate was among other things a symbol of diversity in 2023. The winners of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Award “Colours of Life” were: MP-Studio from Bulgaria, Typru from France and Portugal, Sunnana Inc. from Japan, and Kurbas Pro from Ukraine. They came together to present their visions on diversity to you. Each studio brought its unique cultural perspective and creative brilliance to the show, which represented a journey through the diversity of life and humanity.

Here is where you can find the videos from last year.

We offered also last year essentially everything that visitors appreciate so much at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. Only more compact and with a daily end at 11 p.m. instead of midnight. At the 42  venues, we were showing a wide variety of different and particularly expressive light art. From fascinating video shows to colorful projections and moving light art sculptures, it was all here.

Information about this year’s program can be found soon.

Visitor Information

Under the heading LightSeeing you get an overview of the different tour variants.

All our LightSeeing tours are offered by license partners, you can book them directly at our partners on the telephone numbers as mentioned or online.

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Information for Artists, Partners and Photographers

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is a temporary art event to which the rules of copyright apply. Hobby photographers are permitted to use photos of motifs from the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS on social media platforms for non-commercial use without the need for a license from the organizer. For all other licensing questions, please contact us.

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