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New York Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights International Productions GmbH

Benefit from our experience to implement a FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in your own city. We offer professional support for a quick and very effective realisation.

Our starting point is your city’s identity. With our know-hows, marketing and media platform, and the many social media fans, we can help you to make this outstanding event a hotspot for visitors in your city.

Become a host
Festival of Lights Zagreb 2023 - M. Tomaš (2)

The Staging of an entire City

The city itself is transformed into a glowing stage and the landmarks, monuments, buildings, streets and squares become stars. Together with national and international artists, designers and creative teams we are telling stories, convey messages and direct focus on the special and unique. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is an international marketing and communication platform – also for festival partners.

Only in the Festival of Lights it is possible to stage the own brand in combination with world famous monuments. You will use the pictures and videos which go hand in hand with the communication and event platform of the brand “Festival of Lights“ for your own goals. The Festival is organised by the Festival of Lights International Productions GmbH and proudly produced by Birgit Zander and her agency Zander & Partner.

Festival of Lights Friends&Family

Our service portfolio

  • Licenses and rights of utilization of the umbrella brand FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and further brands and formats, for the international marketing and media platform and access authorization to our network (sponsors, artists, etc.)
  • Service: Consultancy and coaching in marketing, sponsoring, PR, integrated communications, financing and legal rights, concept creation and planning, implementation, project management, and art and technical directorship.
  • Production: of a complete festival or of selected locations or “Show Cases” (e.g. artwork, video mappings, light installations, projections, technology, event management etc.)
Zwickau Festival of Lights - Das Schiffchen am Kornmarkt - 2018

Charge your city’s image with positive energy! How?

  • Join the “FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS-Family” and realise your own festival with us
  • Profit from various synergies and an international media coverage
  • Use the positive image transfer und the internationally well-known brand FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and the wide range of our marketing and media platform

We would be very happy to offer you an individual concept with your benefits, conditions, financial concept, etc. Please send a mail to:


Light connects. People and places. Light prompts emotions and raises our spirits. Light crosses bridges. Across borders and continents. Light speaks all languages.

Humboldt Universität - A Kid's Dream - 2017