About the Festival

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS® stands for high-quality staging of landmarks, buildings and squares using light, projection and video art.

Brandenburger Tor - Rosen - 2013

The Staging of an entire City

The city itself is transformed into a glowing stage and the landmarks, monuments, buildings, streets and squares become stars. Together with national and international artists, designers and creative teams we are telling stories, convey messages and direct focus on the special and unique. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is an international marketing and communication platform – also for festival partners.

Only in the Festival of Lights it is possible to stage the own brand in combination with world famous monuments. You will use the pictures and videos which go hand in hand with the communication and event platform of the brand “Festival of Lights“ for your own goals. The Festival is organised by the Festival of Lights International Productions GmbH and proudly produced by Birgit Zander and her agency Zander & Partner.

Potsdamer Platz - "Moderne Kunst neu entdecken" - 2013

One of the most famous light festivals in the world

Each year in October, Berlin turns into a city full of light art. The artful displays on the famous landmarks, monuments, buildings and places are turning the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS into one of the best known light art festivals in the world.

National as well as international artists are transforming the city into a huge and shining stage. We are telling stories with light art, draw attention to the special and present cultures, arts and artists. We are transporting themes and messages in an artistic way. During the Berlin Light Weeks we are also staging Berlin landmarks, historical places, streets, squares, trendy neighborhoods and hotspots of recent history. The Festival of Lights is under the patronage of the Governing Mayor Kai Wegner.

Über Festival of Lights - Lichtshow Bebelplatz

A festival with international appeal

In the past years, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has developed itself into a major touristical magnet and economic factor. With over two million festival visitors, more than 800,000 additional overnight stays and 1.3 billion media contacts, it is now – among the festivals in Lyon, Sydney, Moscow and Eindhoven – one of the best known light art festivals in the world.

Press here to see the current key facts with the most recent figures:

Berliner Dom - Design by Wolfgang Joop

Pictures that go around the world

The productions of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS have impact far beyond the borders of Berlin. International journalists and guests as well as of course the Berlin residents are sending their images and messages around the world by traditional communication as well as on all social media platforms. The combination of artistic live experiences with classical and social media turns the festival into an unique communication platform.

We will gladly inform you about participation options, partnerships and licenses at any time.

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Bundespräsident Frank Walter Steinmeier

Cultural Engagement – Corporate Social Responsibility

Only through the dedication of many people and partners, it is possible to stage the capital with light art. Many individuals, companies, institutions and artists show their social entrepreneurship and commitment.

Moreover, since 2005, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS supports important charity projects.

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Birgit Zander

The team

The original idea was to brighten up the gloomy autumn days with colorful lights and beautiful building illuminations, providing an additional incentive for visitors to Berlin. Festival initiator Birgit Zander fondly recalls the first conversations with the former Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, who predicted back then: “Festival of Lights will be a huge hit.” And he was right. Today, the festival is not only a major attraction in the German capital but has also become a global movement. Events in cities like Sofia, New York, Amsterdam, and Jerusalem bring smiles to millions of people every year. Each event is unique and always looks forward with optimism.

“Light is life, light is energy, light speaks all languages and connects people,” says Berlin native Birgit Zander. Since 2005, her agency Zander & Partner has been responsible for organizing the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.

Festival_of_Lights - Fotowettbewerb festival of lights

A big thank you!

At this point, we would like to extend a warm “thank you” to everyone who has contributed to the creation and development of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.

We are particularly grateful to all our supporters, as without them, the festival would not exist in its current form. Together, we have created an incredible festival that transforms Berlin into a brilliant work of art every year!

Our special thanks go to all our supporters, sponsors, partners, participants, artists, technicians, and organizers!

Light connects. People and places. Light prompts emotions and raises our spirits. Light crosses bridges. Across borders and continents. Light speaks all languages.