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Fascination earth – unique nature experiences on the Marstall in the Nikolaiquarter

For the fourth time, the facade of the New Marstall was represented at the Festival of Lights as a projection location for the House of Nature. The projection focused on the beauty of our planet. Nature and culture merged into an unparalleled experience. A unique view of the earth was created from outer space. Fascinating animal shots alternated with landscape shots. At the end of the projection, the façade of the New Marstall was transformed into a beautiful mapping that merged the diversity of nature with Berlin’s urban landscape. The preservation of unspoilt nature and the associated themes, such as climate protection, have for many years had a firm place in the Festival of Lights. The staging of the House of Nature 2019 was again made possible by our partner Philips TV.

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In the festival 2018 the guests of the festival could dive through huge ice caves, experience polar lights and marvel at polar bears in the great outdoors. But also the intact floodplain forests could be admired on the impressive facade. The starting point for the colourful video mappings is the festival organizers’ desire to preserve an intact environment and actively support it. Another partner is the Green Screen Festival, which provides the unique footage of the world’s best nature filmmakers. The Green Screen Festival – under the direction of TV presenter Dirk Steffens – has developed into Europe’s largest nature film festival since 2007. Last year, more than 20,000 visitors saw more than 100 spectacular films about nature. They were able to meet important representatives from business and politics and enter into dialogue with them. The Festival of Lights would like to support this important international meeting place of the nature film scene and open a further stage for it.