1. Berlin TV Tower


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3D Videomapping Show |”Festival of Lights Award Colours of Life”| 6 artists from 6 countries

Six teams of artists from six countries transformed the Germany’s tallest building, the Berlin TV Tower, into a landmark full of “Colours of Life” as part of the Festival of Lights Awards 2023.

For the first time, we saw Bibi Blocksberg flying up the TV tower on her broom. And admired the Berlin bear in XXL, experienced the famous BVG diversity motif for the first time on the TV tower instead of in the Berlin subway. Just like the unique intensifying light effects that you can only enjoy with Ambilight TV and become an atmospheric experience. Visitors could take a romantic photo with the loved ones, featuring the TV tower with hundreds of hearts in the background. From Eucerin – Love can be magic! In addition, we were lucky enough to see LUPIN.

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The Berlin TV Tower in 3D and from a 360° perspective:


1. Momap | Spain

DIVERCOLOUR by Momap from Spain shows the TV tower full of poetry: flowers, spring colors, birds, hands that seem to interact and dance. The gestures of the hands imply diversity. Each culture has its own gestures that have different meanings.

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2. Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez | Honduras

Experience the video poetry TREE OF LIFE (Spanish: Árbol de la Vida). The artist Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez is presenting an important element of Mexican folklore and cosmology. It symbolizes the connection between humanity and the natural world and represents the cyclical essence of life, death and rebirth.

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3. MP-STUDIO | Bulgaria

THE COLOURS OF LOVE by MP-STUDIO from Bulgaria. A cheerful mapping in which love is taken with humor and funny characters are winking at us.

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4. Vamos Animation | Germany

The emotional and elaborate work ENGER TUNNEL (English: narrow tunnel) by Vamos Animation is about the process and the efforts that are necessary for diversity to arise. The symbol of the tunnel impressively represents the process of immigration in Germany and puts focus on different ways to go this way (together). The emotional film sequences were shot especially for this artwork.

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5. Clockwork | Poland

LIFE TRAVEL by Clockwork from Poland. The TV tower is filled with glowing lines. Colorful stripes pulse up and down while luminous fibers fill the inside of the tower. A journey throughout life. From birth, through adventurous life, to the end. Segments of the tower rotate to show the sequential stages of life.

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6. SKG+ | China

MONOGATARI OF FOREST by SKG+ from China. The forest hides mysterious magic. It nurtures countless forms of life and contains boundless energy that can bring forth countless miracles. It breathes life into everything: Nature, flowers, earth, ocean, civilization, flames, fantasy and crystals.

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You are welcome to photograph this installation for personal use. However, we would like to inform you that commercial use of photos and videos of the installation without our permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.