Louisa Band


Louisa, 23 years old, has had a passionate relationship with painting since her childhood. In 2020, she boldly opened her first exhibition at the Altona Children’s Hospital in Hamburg, where she began sharing her artwork with a wider audience.

Her art is characterized by expressiveness, contrasts, and vibrant colors. A remarkable feature of her works is that she creates them with her mouth because she is wheelchair-bound due to her disability and cannot move her arms or legs. However, this disability has never stopped Louisa from leading an independent life and pursuing her artistic dreams.

Louisa has already completed significant projects with partners such as Viva con Agua Arts, KarmaKollektiv Berlin, Hamburg Airport, and RedBull, and has participated in further exhibitions. Initially, she painted with acrylics on canvas but now prefers digital drawing on an iPad, which she operates with a specialized mouth-controlled stylus. This method allows her to independently select colors and create large formats. Her preferred style is Pop Art, and she loves to create colorful, contrasting, and expressive portraits.

Through her works, Louisa stands for inclusion, tolerance, and diversity. Art has the ability to overcome imaginary boundaries between people and connect them instead. She intends to inspire people and encourage them to appreciate the diversity of each individual. People with disabilities are an integral part of our society who should be represented and acknowledged.

You can find Louisa on Instagram at “louba_artist,” get more information on her website at “https://louba-artist.com,” and contact her via email at “louba.artist@gmx.de.”

Description of the artwork: “Wings for inclusion” “The artwork is titled ‘Wings for inclusion’ and symbolizes a colorful and inclusive society of tomorrow.

The world we currently live in can be quite rocky and full of everyday obstacles for all those who do not conform to the norm. Sometimes it’s a building without an elevator, sometimes it’s people who either stare at you with open mouths or completely ignore you.

The artwork features a woman in a wheelchair with large, colorful wings, carrying her toward an inclusive and colorful world of tomorrow. Away from the barriers, prejudices, and discrimination of the current world. Several ropes and hands reach down into the rocky world to pull the remaining people onto the colorful globe shining above them.”

Why Louisa is proud to be part of the Festival of Lights: “People with disabilities are still hardly visible. There are few books, movies, or series featuring people with disabilities. This is one of the many reasons why there is still so much fear and hesitation. Visibility is an important building block for a more inclusive world. The Festival of Light gives me the opportunity to share my mouth-painted art and my messages with a large audience, and I am very excited about that.”


You are welcome to photograph this installation for personal use. However, we would like to remind you that any commercial use of photos and videos of the installation without our permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you.