Otto Schade

Chile / UK

A native of Chile, Otto Schade brought his vibrant art to England in 2005. After earning a degree in architecture in Concepción, Otto began his career as a city sculptor. However, his fascination with surreal art led him to his passion for painting. Inspired by past masters such as Dali, Magritte, Miro, Giger, and Beksiński, he combined his love of architecture and art to create creative works with unique contemporary urban themes. He initially started with oil paints on canvas and explored various styles and media, from collages to illustrations to freehand spray paint on canvas and walls.

Otto quickly found the local street art scene, where he painted works with a sharp and ironic twist, conveying anti-war themes along with his distinctive band style. He acquired the street artist name “Osch” in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood and beyond.

Since then, Otto’s art has gained global recognition. He has participated in some of the largest art festivals, including “Upfest” in Bristol, “Sand, Sea and Spray” in Blackpool, “City of Colors” in Birmingham, and “Hometown” in Berlin. Furthermore, Otto’s works have been exhibited in the USA, South America, Africa, Asia, and many cities across Europe.

The demand for Otto’s unique artworks continues to grow. In 2018 alone, he participated in two art exhibitions – one in Paris and one in Berlin – and had the opportunity to paint in cities such as Miami, New York City, Denver, Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, and Santiago.

In December, Otto painted a mural in Jamaica. Otto Schade’s eclectic works can be found in many European cities, including Berlin, Amsterdam, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona, Porto, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Brussels, and London. They can be viewed in various galleries and exhibition centers throughout Europe.


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