Berlin illuminated: the Festival of Lights




Video: Rene Hiepen, Jan Hübel and Matthias Makarinus

Berlin as a “Glittering Metropolis”:

For 10 years now, the Berlin FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS transforms the capital in an enchanting world full of light art and creative installations during the month October. Various events, adventure activities and tours – all about and under the theme of light – make it an art piece. This video gives you insights on 10 years of FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in Berlin.

Video: Jan Hübel

3D Video Mapping Brandenburg Gate:
Title: Ode to Joy
Technology: 3D Video Mapping
Production: Wolfram Lenssen
Idea/Concept: Wolfram Lenssen & Birgit Zander
Graphic/Animation: Hannes Neumann
Music: Daniel Kurniczak
Video: Jan Hübel
Photos: can be found here.


Festival of Lights

Festival of LightsBerlin illuminated: For 10 years, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS turns Berlin into a world full of light art in October. International artists present many glowing light projections, 3D video mappings and light installations and thus transport their messages, themes and content. These artistic productions of the landmarks, monuments, buildings, streets, neighborhoods and places inspire two million visitors on site and let Berlin shine. Events, tours, incentives and activities around the theme of light make the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin one piece of art work in itself.

Festival of LightsThe FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has developed into a very important tourism magnet and major economic factor for the city of Berlin. With more than two million visitors, 650,000 additional hotel stays and 1.8 billion media contacts, it is one of the successful public events and largeer light festivals in the world.

The combination of live experience with classical and social media make the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS a unique and vibrant communication platform (offline, online, digital and viral and live).

Festival of LightsThe concept and the brand FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS was developed by Birgit Zander and her agency Zander & Partner Event-Marketing.

The next step is the international expansion of the festival. The aim is to build a global network of light festivals and to make the experience, the synergies as well as the appeal of the brand FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS other cities and regions as well as their partners and sponsors available. Berlin shines in the whole world.

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