Statements about the Festival of Lights

A very special thanks to all our supporters, sponsors, partners, friends and fans of the last 12 years! Such a successful FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS with an international appeal can only be realized due to the dedication, support, enthusiasm and excitement of many personalities, artists, designers, associations, institutions and companies. Here are some of their statements and prominent voices:


Michael Müller, The governing Mayor of Berlin & FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Patron

Foto Müller aktuelleVersion klein für hp

“When the Festival of Lights bathes our city in color starting at the beginning of October, Berliners and visitors from the rest of Germany and abroad will be able to see Berlin’s iconic landmarks and attractions in a new light for what is now the 13th time. In the evening hours and at night, new illuminations and lighting effects will make public space a radiant experience, surprising and delighting us all. I am sure that the Festival of Lights will be a spectacular event this time around, too.

My thanks go to the light artists who bring this unique Berlin event to life with their imagination and skill, as well as to the organizers and partners who made this very special festival possible and are thereby showing our city in a fresh light. I would like to wish everyone involved a wonderful 2017 Festival of Lights.”


Birgit Zander, Managing Director and Organizer FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

Birgit Zander, Festivaldirektorin und -veranstalterin

„10 bright shining nights in Berlin are over and have transformed the capital into an illuminated stage for the 13th consecutive time! This year, according to the overall theme “Creating tomorrow”, many new locations, partners, artists and as well prominent persons have been present. The Berlin Festival of Lights awards, presented on the Bellevue palace, Berlin cathedral and the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Berlin were a great success and achieved an overwhelming response. As well as the Bebelplatz with the reopened State Opera, the Humboldt University with “children`s dreams”, the Berlin TV Tower with the “Message from the universe” or the “House of Nature” in Nikolaiviertel  enjoyed great popularity and countless visitors. There were also numerous possibilities beside the illuminations available for active participation which was extremely appreciated by the audience.

I would like to thank all employees, artists, sponsors, partners, supporters and friends with all my heart. It is only possible to light up Berlin with the Festival of Lights by contribution of so many people, institutions and companies. Light is connecting, light speaks all languages and light gives positive energy as well as emotions. With this in mind, we are looking forward to many further international connections from Berlin into the world.”

Greetings from the official chargée d’affairs of the US-embassy to the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

Paul van Dyk, DJ/ Music Producer und Ambassador of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2015

PaulvanDyk It is a wonderful privilege and honour to be selected as the new international ambassador for the 2015 Festival of Lights.

Throughout the last decade, anyone who’s been to central Berlin on an October’s night, will, like me, have been touched by the Festivals. I’ve been hooked since its early years, and not simply as I’m fortunate enough for it to take place on my doorstep. It’s become an exhibition I’ve grown to look forward with ever-greater anticipation – an event as astonishing as it is unmissable.

On those occasions, where buildings – many of which I grew up around – are transformed into extraordinary installations and statements, its prompted me to contemplate light, and by extension, colour. Together, they are pinnacles in symbolism. Light has a native, organic and seemingly unconquerable ability to bring people of all cultures, ages and religions together, and that’s something to be celebrated. It embodies freedom & positivity and beacons individuality & independence of thought. They exemplify personal expression and in many ways are metaphors for diversity. These are all fundamentals of life – ones I hold them very close, and that’s something I know I’m not alone in. Light (alongside sound, as anyone whose been to one of my shows will know) plays a very real, vital part in what I do. It’s something singer Sue McLaren & I underscored this summer through the release of the track ‘Lights’. I’m proud to rededicate ‘Lights’ to this year’s Festival and from Berlin, I hope, it will carry light internationally around the world.


Burkhard Kieker, Director visit Berlin

Burkhard Kieker, visit Berlin-Geschäftsführer

“The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS transforms Berlin into one piece of light art and delights many guests from all around the world. The festival gives Berlin a special glow and has developed into an internationally significant crowd puller. Not only the Berliners, especially visitors from home and abroad enjoy the special atmosphere in the city. Light fascinates people from all over the world.

The festival attracts more and more tourists who want to experience the illuminated German capital. More than two million visitors and over 650,000 additional overnight bookings are reported every year. These statistics are not surprising: after all, the festival’s artists bring plenty of light into the dark season of year – for twelve nights!”


KLAUS WOWEREIT, The former governing Mayor of Berlin

Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin

“Under the motto of “Festival of Lights”, light artists from all over the world illuminate Berlin’s sightseeing attractions and iconic buildings, creating temporary artworks in many parts of the city. These works linger in our minds and make us aware of how mesmerizing light can be when artfully staged.

This year’s 10th Festival of Lights is taking place at a special time, just a few weeks before the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. And, by giving center stage to structures in East and West and North and South, this international highlight shows us – both Berliners and visitors – very plainly how dramatically this formerly divided city has changed in the quarter century since the “peaceful Revolution”, how it has grown together, and how it now draws people from all over the world.

My thanks go to the festival’s initiators and all those who – whether as sponsors or as dedicated individuals – helped to pull this event together and bring the idea of an artfully illuminated metropolis to life. I hope the people of Berlin and all of our visitors will enjoy unforgettable moments in which they experience the beauty of our city and are captivated by Berlin’s landmarks bathed in color and light.”


Wolfgang Joop, Fashion Designer

Wolfgang Joop Modedesigner

“What fascinate me so much about Berlin are its contrasts and its unfinished nature. That makes me all the more pleased to be allowed to illuminate one of the most popular and historic buildings at “Unter den Linden”, directly in the center of the city, with the WUNDERKIND fashion designs during the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2010.

The Berlin Cathedral Church (…) will soon be dressed with my creations during the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and allow a shining “colour Explosion”. Not made of fabrics that the WUNDERKIND models and customers wear, but created out of light and I am sure that it will dress the cathedral just as beautiful. In the middle of a golden autumn I will celebrate “spring break!”


That’s what celebrities say about the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

Franziska van Almsick Franziska van Almsick
Swim World Champion

Happy Birthday for the tenth FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. I wish you all the best and much success! Yours, Franzi.
Stephen Arigbabu, Stephen Arigbabu
Basketball National Player

We have seen the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS for three years and every year it is something special. We are looking forward it!
Jerome Boateng Jérôme Boateng
Football National Player

As a Berliner I am very happy that I can see our city in a totally different light for many years now!
Robert Harting Robert Harting
Discus Olympia Champion

You are just in a very particular mood and I think the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is awesome!
Rene Hiepen René Hiepen
TV Presenter

I have seen the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS many times and I am always excited to see Berlin in a different light!
Natascha Keller Natascha Keller
Hockey Olympia Champion

I am happy that Berlin, my favourite city, presents itself in such a great way and that the entire world looks at it!
Rene Koch René Koch
Star Make-Up Artists

For me the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is one of the most beautiful and creative Events in Berlin!
Udo Walz Udo Walz
Star Hair Dresser-Frisör

No other Festival such as the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS makes the people so enchanted and lets their eyes shine so special!
Rocco Stark Rocco Stark

Happy Birthday! The “Atelier 12″ and me wish the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS all the best for its 10th anniversary.
Guido Maria Kretschmer Guido Maria Kretschmer
Star Designer

It’s a big pleasure and honor for me to present the Berlin City Hall in my designs.
BarbaraEngel Barbara Engel

These images of Berlin light up my heart, my eyes and my senses.
 Immediately I feel moved and inspired. Thank you for this great experience!
RolfScheider Rolf Scheider
Casting Director

Rolf in Wonderland, carries in other spheres and in magic ambiance. In this world of light I feel comfortable, step into my flying saucer and come back next lightyear.
Adel Tawil Foto Adel Tawil

Super. Continue like that.


Visitors of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS




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