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The photo competition of the Festival of Lights takes place annually during the festival. The exact dates for the competition will be announced in time here and on the homepage. The conditions of participation will also be published here.

Winners 2020

1. Place: Christian Kremer

2. Place: Corinna Tonn

3. Place: Minh Vo

Alwin Richter *

Fabian Pfitzinger *

Waldemar Pache *

Jan Ruhnke *

* Special Price

Winners 2019

1. Place: Waldemar Pache

2. Place: Antonio Jesús García Cruz

3. Place: Andreas Mnich-Rößger

Iris Schneider

Maximilian Kalkofen

Corinna Tonn

Christian Kremer

Conny Müller

Vincent Rubach

Martina Düvert

Winners 2018

1. Place: Maximilian Kalkofen

2. Place: Jessica Kriegbaum

3. Place: Torsten Thiele

Andreas Siebert

Marcus Klepper

Michael Kommrowski

Carsten Rathge

Dirk Jalas

Sabine Otten

Irina Ziedorn (sp)

Sabine Knorr

Olaf Neidhardt (sp)

Werner Krätzig (sp)

sp=special price

Winners 2017

1. Place: Stefan Lubs

2. Place: Torsten Thiele

3. Place: Matthias Wilhelm

Torsten Thiele

Martina Düvert

Stefanie Kunkel

Tom Gorski

Kimberly Gintar

Patrizia Selle

Niklas Böttcher

Matthias Wilhelm

Martina Düvert