Betty Mü


Betty Mü is a German designer and visual artist specializing in video and projection art, immersive installations and augmented reality. Her imaginative, poetic style and clear installation concepts have been shown nationally and internationally in numerous renowned exhibitions, museums, festivals and events.

Betty Mü is considered a border crosser in art, who in recent years has repeatedly built bridges between digital and analog forms of expression. She integrates techniques such as AI, AR and NFT more playfully and “recklessly” than almost anyone else, without her artistic expression ever becoming too technical or rational.

As one of the most in-demand media artists in Germany, she recently caused a sensation with immersive installations at the Light Festival in Leipzig, the Waterkant Founders Festival in Kiel and the Transatlantic Innovation Week in Munich

In addition to her freelance work, Betty Mü also repeatedly carries out projects for the public and private sectors, including such renowned clients as BMW, SAP, Pinakothek der Moderne, Basel World and Burda. In the winter of 2020/21, she enchanted hundreds of thousands of Munich residents with her largest light action to date, “Das Kunstareal verbindet” (“The Art Area Connects”) in Munich’s art galleries.



Welcome to the unique garden of diversity! Luminous flowers and blooms, organic colors and shapes multiplying, reflecting, and harmoniously blending with the facade of the “Hotel de Rome.” Natural elements breaking down into abstract color spectrums, flower power flowing into surreal maelstroms. All of this creates a hypnotic pull that the observer can hardly escape. For Munich artist Betty Mü, the ease of visual experience is at the center. The interplay between hand-filmed footage, abstract animations, and the sensitive use of artificial intelligence results in an installation that effectively conveys the magic of nature and the concept of diversity right to the heart of Berlin. The sound collage was created by Gab Oswin.


You are welcome to photograph this installation for personal use. However, we would like to remind you that any commercial use of photos and videos of the installation without our permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.