Embassy of the Republic of Singapore 2017

For the first time, a competition for young light artists was announced in 2017. The task was to visualize the multicultural exchange with a meaningful picture or a creative collage. The call was answered by many international new talents. Of course, the call for entries was also launched in Singapore, so there were also some submissions from the Southeast Asian city-state. The festival visitors could be curious to see how a multicultural society was interpreted in the different countries.

The driving force behind the New Talents Award was the Berlin Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore. The Pani projections of the finalists could be seen every evening at the embassy in Voßstraße. Visitors to the Fetival were able to vote online for the motifs they particularly liked from 06.10. to 15.10.2017 at midnight. The winners were announced after the festival.

Here you can once again admire the works of the finalists.

1st place: Tatjana Danilov (Germany)

2nd place: Sarah Söhner (Germany)

3rd place: Lin Hsin Hsin (Singapore)

Friederike Neumann (Germany)

Ulrike Schrader (Germany)

Sandra Lee (Singapore)

Angela Chong (Singapore)

Ernest Seah (Singapore)

Soh Ee Shaun (Singapore)

Baet Y.K. & Zhang J.P. (Singapore)