Sparda-Bank Berlin

We – Sparda-Bank Berlin – are putting the East back on the map. The East is home, a point of the compass, a region with cultural characteristics, a region on the rise. The East is our home. We show that being a bank in the East is not just about old clichés. We use the chance to prove ourselves as a bank for the East, and with attractive banking for, with and by people. Sparda-Bank Berlin – Your Bank in the East.

Proximity, integrity, professionalism, reason, dynamism and love of life – these are the brand values of us, the Sparda-Bank Berlin. They form the foundation for our daily actions and reflect our self-image as a cooperative bank. Above all, we consistently focus on the needs of our customers. We are the first cooperative bank and the first bank ever in Europe to issue the Ocean Plastic BankCard, which is made from recycled plastic waste, to go with our checking account. For us, having cards produced from recycled plastic waste is the next right step towards a sustainable future. Our attitude as a bank and our commitment to our region deserves a stage like the Festival of Lights.