Zagreb Tourist Board

Zagreb Tourist Board is a destination management organization that brings together stakeholders from the public, private and civil sectors to achieve a shared vision. We continuously strive to create integrated and competitive destination products through various tourism activities and meaningful business cooperation.

The activities, policies and actions of Zagreb Tourist Board include not only the obvious market-based approach in promotion but also a modern approach in creating additional value to the destination itself.

We kick off every year with the Festival of Lights Zagreb, our first major annual event. It marks the beginning of Zagreb’s tourist season and open-air gatherings that we associate with the impatiently desired arrival of warm weather, lively colors, and all the joys of spring. The Festival invites visitors on a walk through the city center, celebrating life and allowing one to see the world from a new perspective through the art of light and a mixture of design, architecture and entertainment.

Since its first edition in 2017, Festival of lights Zagreb has been included in the organization Festival of Lights International, bringing Zagreb into focus in all parts of the world, alongside other cities such as Berlin, New York, Lyon, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Prague, St. Petersburg and many others. Through our tireless work on quality improvement the Festival has gradually grown to become an authentic international project and event. From its humble beginning featuring only a few locations in the Upper Town, the popular event has expanded to include more than 30 locations in Upper and Lower Town, solidifying its status as a signature product in Zagreb along with Advent Zagreb (our Christmas market). There are several crucial elements to the event’s success – a successful synergy with relevant cultural institutions and a variety of professionals, ongoing work on brand implementation, and finally, generating authentic, original and emotional content.

In addition, every year we encourage the exchange of international experience and strengthening of international partnerships. We warmly welcome everyone to Zagreb to witness this brilliant transformation of the city and celebrate the coming of spring.