Welcome to the voting platform of the 2018 Special Award “Let’s create a better tomorrow” presented by E.ON. 18 video mapping artists from 7 European regions have submitted artworks interpreting this year’s theme. You voted for your favorite mapping from each country in the preselection.

All seven winners have participated in the finals projecting their video mappings on the Berlin TV tower representing their country. You then voted for the champion during festival period. The complete show took 15 minutes.

Voting ended!


Congratulations to MP STUDIO from Germany for winning 1st place! Thank you to all artists.

1st place: MP-Studio (Germany)

2nd place: Glowing Bulbs (Hungary)

3rd place: Les Ateliers Nomad (Romania)

More finalists:

Black Division (Czech Republic)

Hermes Mangialardo (Italy)

Lichttapete (Scandinavia)

Studio Pixel-Lux (UK)