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In 2019, the Berlin Cathedral was once again the projection screen for the renowned art of the Festival of Lights. Colourful and meaningful messages were displayed on the monumental building. For the anniversary of the festival this year, director Birgit Zander had invited international artists to create a very special motif for 15 years of the Festival of Lights. After all, Berlin Cathedral has been one of the highlights of every festival since 2005. And this despite the fact that the landmark at the Lustgarten is not a simple projection screen. Its dark façade with its many depths and heights is a tricky challenge. Each motif has to be adapted in an elaborate process and cut to fit the cathedral. But that’s exactly what attracts the designers. The festival team is particularly pleased that 2019 some artists from past festivals were present with their motifs. As a special action for the Facebook fans, the followers of the festival were able to select their three favourites from the most popular motifs of the past years in an online voting, thus helping to create the landmark Berlin Cathedral. A total of 10 designs wrapped the Berlin Cathedral in new clothes.

Our international star guest: Wolfgang Joop

Not only Otto Waalkes and Udo Lindenberg enriched the 15th Festival of Lights with their art projections on the famous Bode-Museum.

The Festival of Lights was especially pleased about one very special designs by the international star guest Wolfgang Joop, who once again wrapped the Berlin Cathedral in new clothes.  On show was an illuminations personally created by Joop himself, which was among the highlights of the 15th Festival of Lights as part of a show featuring pictures by other international artists as well.

Wolfgang Joop

Thierry Noir

Daniel Margraf

Daniel Margraf

Archan Nair


Matthew Sanceau

Anna Jordanova

Victor Antonov

Victor Antonov