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Festival of Lights goes EXPO 2020 Dubai

In the speed of light from the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin to EXPO2020 in Dubai

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin as well as other, international Light Festivals and Show Cases have been produced by the team of Zander & Partner GmbH for many years.
Now there is a special highlight in the agency calendar – the participation in “Kaleidoscope”, a huge outdoor light art exhibition at the Expo2020 in Dubai. Immediately after switching off the lights in Berlin, the team went on a big trip. With them: beautiful light art installations!

In addition to the presentation of the approximately 190 countries at EXPO 2020, a wide variety of events will take place as part of the world’s largest show.
The extraordinary light art spectacle Kaleidoscope will transform the imposing exhibition grounds into a sea of artistic light productions on each of the 182 nights.
Enriched with the energy from the encounters between visitors and exhibiting companies, the installations will turn the light art festival into a unique, dynamic and lasting experience.
Zander & Partner present impressive 3D video mappings and inspiring light art works in the Kaleidoscope for the international audience. Together with the illuminations of the magnificent EXPO architecture and highlights like the magnificent dome “Al Wasl” in the middle of the grounds, a Night Time Experience is created like the world has never seen before.
All installations have been developed and designed by the Creative Team in line with the EXPO2020 motto “Connecting Minds – Creating the Future” and follow the 3 themes of the districts Sustainability, Mobility or Opportunity.

The EXPO 2020 World’s Fair will kick off on October 1, 2021 and run through March 31, 2022. With over 200 participating institutions – including 191 participating countries – it is the largest in history.
The center of the exhibition is the Al Wasl Plaza, a spectacular light dome with 360 projectors. Al Wasl, by the way, is not only the historical name of Dubai, but also the Arabic word for “connection.”
When the EXPO closes its doors in March 2022, the team will return to Berlin. Then in the luggage certainly many ideas for new light art productions at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHT Berlin 2022 or for the international tours.

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A closer look on some of our installations…

MAN by Parer Studio

FLAWLESS by Gonzalo Bascuñan