Future Vision Award 2021

Festival of Lights Future Vision Award The best video mapping artists stage their messages in spectacular shows


Traditionally, the Festival of Lights, together with its presenting partner, holds a competition in which the best video artists are awarded. This year it is the Future Vision Award.

Charlottenburg Castle

The light of tomorrow is a projection by the Spanish creative studio momap, an artistic message about the necessary change in dealing with energy. The journey through time begins with the creation of charcoal, tells of the use of other fossil fuels in a steampunk and art deco environment, shows fire-breathing machines and finally comes to reality – a clear-thinking, transparent head. The artist collective RE:SORB has won several awards and is a guarantee for high-quality work. In times of transformation and digitization, her mapping transformation is about creating a path for a new tomorrow. In addition to all the technology and the alternative possibilities, one should not lose sight of nature. In the video mapping by the Polish creative team Clockwork, the baroque Charlottenburg Palace is first illuminated by disco balls, sculptures dance to the beat. Then the facade transforms into a glass structure, whales swim in a cosmic environment, air bubbles transform into spheres with children…. a mystical scene.

Berlin TV Tower

For the staging con:trust, the Berlin design team Studio Eigengrau and Soundselektor deal with the ambivalence between people, environment and technology, as well as the use of fossil and renewable energies. The technological achievements of our civilization are often at odds with the findings of science. con:trust shows that the world as we know it is not just black and white, but consists of facets and nuances. Chicago-based George Berlin says of his production Evolve Love: “It’s a story about nature overwhelmed and almost absorbed by technology and modern life. Ultimately, however, it not only overcomes them, it merges with technology to shape the future in new ways.” Les Ateliers Nomand from Romania has reinterpreted the symbolic and in their simplicity extraordinary masterpieces of the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși in a colorful and lively way. These include well-known sculptures such as “Bird in Space”, “Endless Column” and “Table of Silence”. The modern components are embedded harmoniously in natural elements, in movement and rhythm. They solve the problems of today and tomorrow with simplified algorithms. Brâncuși in Space is a fantastic journey through a universe that is strong and vulnerable at the same time.

Hotel de Rome

The artists behind The Projection Studio from England are Ross Ashton and Karen Monid, represented in the festival with the contribution Psyche. The actual protagonists are blue butterflies who connect the individual scenes, create transitions and thus express the connectedness of the world. These individual scenes show different images of a world that people want: a rainbow-colored waterfall in the forest, a small island in a clean sea or a sunrise in the desert.