Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Winter and emergency aid in Ukraine

Help supports displaced people in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. Through local partner organizations, we are currently distributing vital relief supplies, offering psychosocial support, especially for children, and providing information on safe spaces and protection measures. In the spirit of helping people to help themselves, we support families with financial aid, for example for accommodation costs. We also provide farmers with fodder, veterinary medicine and fuel so that they can maintain their production. In Kherson, Help also equips hospitals with medical equipment and medicines as part of the Bonn Helps Kherson solidarity partnership. During the Festival of Lights, Help – Helping People to Help Themselves will shed light on emergency and winter aid in Ukraine. Especially in the cold months it will be necessary for survival to provide the affected families in Ukraine with warm clothing, blankets and shelter. Help is therefore restoring homes and hospitals and distributing stoves, heating and boiler systems, as well as blankets and insulation material, so that people have warm shelter. The aid organization supports people in need in numerous countries. Among other things, Help distributes food, water and hygiene products, drills wells, rebuilds houses to make them earthquake-proof and helps people set up small businesses – thus creating prospects on the ground. Together we can help – every donation helps!

About Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Since 1981, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe has been supporting people in need worldwide. We help in a needs-based, principled and environmentally conscious way, recognizing the equality of all people in their diversity and circumstances. Help looks where people do not have the basic necessities of life, where they are on the run or where their future is in danger. Helping people to help themselves determines our actions. We promote the own efforts of people who are threatened or affected by crises and provide acute emergency aid, improve the living conditions and increase the resilience of affected people worldwide with a special focus on the fair participation of all. Help’s aid projects reach around 16 million people.