We’re happy to be partaking in this year’s Festival Of Lights! Discover a world of flavor at the Berlin Festival of Lights 2023, brought to you by Wolt!
As your trusted delivery platform, we are thrilled to illuminate your festival experience with an unparalleled variety of culinary delights & more and a motif that highlights Berlin’s most important landmarks such as the TV tower, the Brandenburg Gate & our well known Wolt Bag!
Join us in celebrating the essence of community and togetherness, where every delivery, every dish, every bouquet of flowers holds the potential to become a shared moment of joy.

Founded in Helsinki, Wolt is a technology company known for our local commerce platform. Wolt’s mission is to make cities better places for customers, merchants and couriers alike. Wolt’s platform makes it easy for customers to order whatever they need on one app, for merchants to make additional sales, and for couriers to make meaningful earnings flexibly.