12. Berlin Palace / Humboldt Forum – north facade

Video show “un_endlich. Living with Death”

Colors, shapes and words gently drift across the north facade of the Humboldt Forum. The artistic staging of the encounter with death leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

The video show “un_endlich. Living with Death” provides an insight into the special exhibition, which will take place at the Humboldt Forum until November 26.

The Humboldt Forum is a new urban quarter in the historic center of Berlin – a place for art, culture, science and education. A place that connects contrasts. A place with a special history is reconstructed as a baroque palace on three sides and modern on the fourth facade. Four partners have been inviting visitors to exhibitions, events, artistic and gastronomic experiences in its interior since July 2021.

Presented by Humboldt Forum


You are welcome to photograph this installation for personal use. However, we would like to inform you that commercial use of photos and videos of the installation without our permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.