19. Brandenburg Gate


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3D Videomapping Show “Festival of Lights Award Colours of Life” 4 artist studios from 4 countries | ca. 12 Min

Experience an impressive 3D video mapping show by four outstanding artist studios from four different countries on the most famous Berlin landmark, the Brandenburg Gate. This year’s winners of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Award “Colours of Life” come together to bring you their visions on diversity: MP Studio from Bulgaria, Typru from France and Portugal, Sunnana Inc. from Japan and Kurbas Pro from Ukraine.
This meaningful performance spans approximately 12 minutes and will take your senses into a fascinating world of art and technology. Each studio brings their unique cultural perspective and creative brilliance to the show, which is a journey through the diversity of life and humanity. Immerse yourself and be enchanted by the striking visuals these talented artists have created for you.

On 14 October 2023, yeswecan!cer, the non-profit initiative by people affected by cancer for people affected by cancer, will organise YES!CON as a hybrid cancer convention that will be broadcasted live online free of charge. On the evening of October 14, yeswecan!cer will set a luminous sign at the Brandenburg Gate.

The Festival of Lights extends its heartfelt gratitude to:

World Health Summit / WHS  




The Brandenburg Gate in 3D and from a 360° perspective:


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1. Typru | France / Portugal

The artwork COLOURS OF LIFE was inspired by the colours of nature that immediately surround it. The work, which playfully captures shapes and spaces, narrates dreams of everyday life. “Between sea, earth, light and sky, the 4 mothers of nature take us on a journey through the colours of life. In Typru’s work, water, earth, fire and air portray themselves as four different entities that coexist and represent an infinite variety of universes that form a whole.”

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2. Sunnana Inc. | Japan

It is about the HARMONY with nature that is at the heart of the Japanese way of thinking, about the various traditional colours that come from this harmony, and about the original beauty of life. The artwork address its effect to those who live in the middle of the current hectic of the world.

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3. Kurbas Production | Ukraine

The world “gallery” encompasses a vast array of life’s “canvases”, painted in an assortment of palettes and featuring a carefully curated selection of tones. The monochromatic canvases in the world’s gallery are no less beautiful until they become too overwhelming and disrupt the colourful palettes of other people’s lives. When one palette does not agree with the existence of another, it is reflected destructively in the entire exposition of the world’s “gallery”. So we gradually learn to look for harmonious combinations and achieve a symphonic polyphony, where each part will be heard, where each voice will support the general consonance without muting others.

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4. MP-STUDIO | Bulgaria

MP-STUDIO from Bulgaria presents GATE TO THE FUTURE: “The Brandenburg Gate takes us on an exciting journey throughout time and space, from the cradle of mankind to our bright future. An easy journey through the dimensions of culture and architecture to the threshold of knowledge. And beyond… where the eternal truth shines timelessly. Immerse yourself in the colours of life to find that we are all one!”

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Very special guest: Susan Gurnee, USA

With a background as a scenic artist, for more than a decade Susan Gurnee created artwork for feature films and TV. The Larson Company in Tucson hired Sue Gurnee who spent two and a half years painting the 17,500 square feet of background murals for the JungleWorld Exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. Her resonance paintings hang in private and public collections and in13 museums.

This year we are proud to have her back with a new work for the Brandenburg Gate.

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