20. P5

Art motif

The P5 facade at Potsdamer Platz shines in a projection of Otto Waalkes be different rainbow motif.

Otto Waalkes is a legendary  comedian, musician, cartoonist, actor and director, who truly deserves his iconic status. He is considered a classic and pioneer of German-language comedy. Otto, the painter, is less well known. Yet he graduated in art education and learned his craft from scratch.

We present one of our favorite works of art – Be Different Rainbow – and couldn’t be prouder. After all, it fits perfectly with our motto of diversity, “Colours of Life.”

If you would like to purchase this or another work of art by Otto, you will find it here:

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You are welcome to photograph this installation for personal use. However, we would like to inform you that commercial use of photos and videos of the installation without our permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.