38. Oberbaum Bridge


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3D Videomapping Show “50 Years of Hip Hop

One of Berlin’s most beautiful bridges, the Oberbaum Bridge has once again connected East and West since the fall of the Wall 34 years ago. An equally historic event will be on display on the south side of the bridge this year: 2023 is the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, which was founded on 11 August 1973 in the basement of the Bronx neighbourhood in New York City and started a worldwide cultural movement. To honour the great milestone, “50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop” presents a special projection show featuring the legendary hip-hop artists who helped change the world. And started to celebrate a global movement of beats, rhythms, dance and fashion. 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop GSA was created in collaboration with legendary rapper Ice-T to celebrate all those who have contributed to hip-hop culture over the past 50 years in the US as well as in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop GSA will open at HQforty4, the official hip-hop headquarters of Germany, in Berlin in October. HQforty4 will feature over 50 weeks of diverse programming highlights, concerts, events, exhibitions and more.

Presented by The 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop | HQforty4
Soundtrack by DJ Hotsauce
Special thanks to Certified / Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH, Universal Music Germany, deadHYPE GmbH and Younes Mohammadi


The Oberbaum Bridge in 3D and from a 360° perspective: 


3D Videomapping Show Sparda-Bank Berlin

The Festival of Lights also extends its heartfelt thanks to Sparda-Bank Berlin for illustrating this year’s Oberbaumbrücke with a captivating projection on the theme of sustainability.

Proximity, integrity, professionalism, reason, dynamism and love of life – these are the brand values of Sparda-Bank Berlin. They form the foundation for daily actions and reflect the bank’s self-image as a cooperative bank. Above all, there is a consistent focus on the needs of customers. They are the first cooperative bank and the first bank in Europe to issue the Ocean Plastic BankCard, which is made from recycled plastic waste, to go with the current account. For Sparda-Bank Berlin, having cards produced from recycled plastic waste is the next right step towards a sustainable future. This attitude as a bank and the commitment in our region deserves a stage like the Festival of Lights.

Presented by Sparda-Bank Berlin

Very special guest:

Susan Gurnee, USA

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