Thomas Kahlau


Thomas, born in Potsdam in 1961, became tetraplegic as a result of an accident in 1976. In 1986, he received a scholarship from the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists worldwide (VDMFK). This scholarship allowed him to develop his artistic talent and exhibit internationally. Despite his physical limitations, he found in art a means of expression that enriched not only his own life but also served as a source of inspiration for others.

Thomas’s artistic work demonstrates a fascinating connection between humans and nature. His pieces reveal the beauty of the landscapes he captures, the intimacy of still life, and above all, the essence of being human in all its emotions.

In his paintings, a world is unveiled in which the artist’s inner self is of central importance. Here, images are created from his joy, strength, anger, despair, and hope. Thomas’s art is a reflection of his inner world, shining through in vibrant colors and forms. The process of creating his art through mouth painting becomes secondary, as his mouth is merely the tool with which he conveys his feelings and thoughts onto the canvas.

His art is an ongoing dialogue between what he sees with his eyes and what he feels in his heart. When one looks at his works, they journey through a world where creation and decay go hand in hand. Here, in his own realm of images, Thomas fully expresses himself and comes alive. His art is not just an expression of himself but also a window into a deep emotional world that invites the viewer to delve into its depths.

Wilder Mohn in der Mark Brandenburg (Wild Poppies in the Mark Brandenburg): “I love the fields in my home region of the Mark Brandenburg, with their wild poppies. These familiar motifs from the Mark Brandenburg are what I paint repeatedly.”


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