17. Hotel de Rome & Behren Palais


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3D Videomapping Show by various artists “Festival of Lights Award”

Situated at Bebelplatz and surrounded by regular Festival of Lights institutions such as the State Opera, the Law Faculty of Humboldt University or St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, the Hotel de Rome & Behren Palais shines as one of the central showcases of our festival. This year, 3D video projections will once again be on display as part of the Festival of Lights Award “Colours of Life”. The 3 great artists: Betty Mü, Pani Pawlosky and Vanessa Cardui will present their visions.

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Vanessa Cardui, Germany

Everything is connected by the same green thread. The same thread that forms the planet also draws the silhouette of the human being and gives him his shape. So basically we are all hanging on the same thread that holds us and the world together. The figurative metaphor of the constantly shrinking ball of wool shows the finiteness of our natural resources. With her multi-award-winning animated film “The Green Thread”, creates Vanessa Cardui awareness of our actions and climate protection with ease.

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Betty Mü, Germany

Munich artist Betty Mü presents us a unique garden of diversity. Bright flowers and blossoms, organic colours and shapes that multiply, reflect and blend harmoniously with the facade of the “Hotel de Rome”. Natural elements that disassemble into abstract colour spectra, blossom power that flows together into surreal swirl. The interplay of hand-filmed footage, abstract animations and the sensitive use of artificial intelligence results in an installation that knows how to bring the magic of nature and the idea of diversity right into the heart of Berlin. The sound collage was created by Gab Oswin.

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Pani Pawlosky, Polen

Rejoining the show is Pani Pawlosky from Poland, who presents diversity as a fundamental aspect of the human experience. In her surreal projection, different colours and shapes come together to tell a unique story. They represent the many cultures, identities and experiences that make our world so interesting. This visual experience reminds us that diversity is like a beautiful mosaic where each piece contributes to the whole picture.

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You are welcome to photograph this installation for personal use. However, we would like to inform you that commercial use of photos and videos of the installation without our permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.