35. Charlottenburg Castle


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3D Videomapping Show by various artists “Festival of Lights Award”

The Charlottenburg Palace with its baroque facade and two wings provides an impressive backdrop for unique 3D video art at every festival. The large surface area and architectural elements offer artists ample space for beautiful effects and variations of their created artworks.

Our artists:

Segal Media | Iran

RE:SORB | Deutschland


The Charlottenburg Castle in 3D and from a 360° perspective: YouTube

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3D Videomapping Show “Children’s drawings on the theme of diversity”

This year, we want to include not only our established artists but also very young talents in the diversity of the festival. The youngest artist is only 4 years old and belongs to a group of children who are allowed to showcase their ideas of diversity at Charlottenburg Palace. This has resulted in colorful and imaginative drawings that capture life in all its originality.

Among the young artists this year are patrons of the Björn Schulz Foundation. The children with life-shortening illnesses have created colourful pictures together with educators and caregivers. At Sonnenhof, the Björn Schulz Foundation’s hospice for children and young people, the aim is not to give life more days, but to give the days more life. All aspects of life, all feelings and needs are welcome. It would take all the colours of the rainbow to draw the stories of the affected families , which is why the motto “Colours of Life” could not be more appropriate.

30-minute video performance “KörperBau”

The artist Vanessa Cardui performs on selected evenings.

“KörperBau” is a 30-minute video performance in the Charlottenburg Palace Park. The videos are site-specific and reference the human body and the urban environment, overlaying landscapes and painting over building facades to create a unique visual experience.The videos are site-specific and reference the human body and the urban environment, overlaying landscapes and painting over building facades to create a unique visual experience.

On 14 October from 17:30-18:00h in front of the small Orangery in Charlottenburg Palace Park.

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Segal Media | Iran

RAINBOW REVERIE by Segal Media (Iran) is a captivating show that fuses light and colour into a hypnotizing masterpiece. The dynamic interplay of colours and the strategic use of lighting elements work harmoniously to transport the audience into a vivid world full of sparkle and liveliness.

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RE:SORB | Germany

On the castle facade, the 3D mapping PERPLEXITY by RE:SORB (Germany) celebrates the poetic meeting of man, nature and the enigmatic empire of artificial intelligence. Through evocative projection art, we travel to the heart of our ancient connection with nature: a bond of light, air and greenness. This natural dance is contrasted with Artificial Intelligence, a creation detached from these elemental needs. This luminous tableau is thought-provoking: When the boundaries between the organic and the synthetic dissolve, where do we find our place in the universe?

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Taiwan Tourism

The Festival of Lights expresses its heartfelt gratitude to our partner Taiwan Tourism. In an impressive mapping, the beauty of Taiwan shines artistically on the imposing castle facade. Shimmering underwater worlds, boundless forests and impressions from different corners of the country, give a fascinating insight into “The Heart of Asia” and make you crave for more.

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