Zagreb Festival of Lights – A Light Spectacular to Greet the Spring
Enlighten. Brighten. Light up. Amaze! Incandescence. Luminescence. Illusion. Confusion!


This year for the third time in a row, the Festival of Lights will take place in Zagreb and we are already looking forward to this five-day Spring Festival in the capital of Croatia. As one of the first Zagreb events in spring, the Festival of Lights attracts more tourists every year. The beautiful City presents spectacular projections and light art work.
In recent years, Visitors could enjoy a light harp or had to find their way through a unique laser maze in order to win a prize. And again in 2019, the city’s great buildings and facades will be pictured in a new light.

The Zagreb Festival of Lights will take place from March 20-24, 2019. Admission is free.
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Zagreb 2019 Teaser

The Festival 2018 received Conventa Best Event Award in the category B2C as best public Event.

Zagreb Festival of Lights


Zagreb this year will hold for the second time a Festival of Lights, 15 to 18 March. Many of its most impressive buildings will be illuminated using cutting-edge techniques, adding a new dimension to well-known facades, creating spectacular curtains of light, creating galleries under the stars. The Zagreb Festival of Lights leads us into spring, the time of awakening, growth and renaissance, through fun, play and a magical atmosphere.

Part art, part design, architecture and entertainment spectacle, the festival both brings you something beautiful to look at and something to make you see your world differently.

Festival of Lights Zagreb is one of the first events heralding the new tourist season, enticing us outside to enjoy a spring night in the city and to witness innovative art and the joy of light.
Just one more reason to visit Zagreb!

March 15th till 18th. 6 to 11pm. Entry to all events is free.
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Pictures of the installations and projections will follow soon. Until then, check out the atmosphere of last year’s Festival through photos and Video: