Zagreb Festival of Lights – Imagination, Creativity and Innovation!
Art and technology have joined together to celebrate the arrival of spring in peace and friendship.



In March 2023, the Croatian capital will once again be transformed into a light spectacle with the Festival of Lights. Streets, squares, parks and landmarks will be the scene of playful & impressive light installations from March 15-19.

The artistic productions let the city shine in a beautiful light. The familiar and ordinary will become new and exciting thanks to the many visionary works of the artists*. The Festival of Lights in Zagreb is one of the first events that heralds the new tourist season.

One more reason to visit Zagreb!

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At the beginning of spring in March 2022, the capital of Croatia became a light spectacle with the Festival of Lights once again. Streets, squares, parks and landmarks were the scene of playful & impressive light installations from 16-20 March. The familiar and ordinary became new and exciting thanks to the artists whose visions showed the city in a different light. Part art, part design, architecture and entertainment spectacle, the festival offered both beauty to behold and a new way of looking at the world. Across the city centre, 34 exciting works of light were spread out to be discovered.


For the third time in a row, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Zagreb took place in 2019 and many people eagerly awaited the 5-day event in the capital of Croatia. As one of the first spring events in Zagreb, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS attracts more tourists each year to the beautiful city, where they can admire the spectacular projections and light art works.

In the Grič tunnel a magic forest of interactive lights was built. Matching the magical installations, sounds from nature were heard. In the Tomićeva street you could plunge into a waterfall of colourful glowing balls and the Lotrščak tower turned into a way-showing lighthouse for three nights. The guests could admire these and many other attractions in Zagreb in 2019.

Zagreb 2019 Teaser


In March the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS took place for the second time in Zagreb. The most innovative technology was used to illuminate some of the city’s most impressive buildings, immerse well-known facades in new dimensions, create spectacular light curtains and galleries under the stars. The Zagreb FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS led its guests with fun, joy and a magical atmosphere into spring, the time of awakening, growth and rebirth.

Consisting of art, design, architecture and entertainment, the festival was on the one hand a pleasure for the eyes and on the other hand evoked manifold thoughts and feelings in its visitors.

The Festival 2018 received Conventa Best Event Award in the category B2C as best public Event.


The first FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Zagreb (“Festival Svjetla Zagreb”) was held in the Croatian capital from the 16th to 19th of March.

Seven stations in the upper town of Gornji Grad became magnets for the whole family during four evenings. Curious residents and international guests strolled through the alleys and squares of the old town to admire the colourful illuminations.

The central theme of the light spectacle was the awakening of nature and spring, which had already arrived at that time.
Two special highlights of the four-day event were the laser show on Plato Gradec opposite the cathedral and the Proljetna bajka (spring fairy tale) on Jesuit Square.