13. Berlin Cathedral

Staging “Colours of Life” by various artists

The Berlin Cathedral is one of the biggest landmarks of our city and therefore is entitled to carry a special message during the festival: Diversity is inclusion. Experience the art created by artists with and without disabilities.

All artworks of the cathedral are characterized by strong individual artistic expression. The relief of the cathedral is an invitation and a challenge at the same time, which makes each work a skilful play of colors, shapes and dimensions.

Each work shown in the Lustgarten communicates with us as viewers in a particularly intense way.

In the first, it is about mythical creatures that take form of powerful soul guides and call us to trust in our intuition and in the divine guidance. In the other, we recognize a person in a wheelchair who has grown large, colorful wings that carry him towards an inclusive and colorful world of tomorrow.

All of the Cathedral’s light artwork pierces the veil of night without equal, illuminating the darkness.


The Berlin Cathedral in 3D and from a 360° perspective:


Inclusive art and visibility

Three works at the Berlin Cathedral are mouth painted.

Three works at the Berlin Cathedral painted with the mouth.

For the first time, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS at the Berlin Cathedral is showing a mixture of 10 works. Three artists are wheelchair bound and cannot move their arms or legs. They draw their art by guiding the brush or pencil with their mouths.

The world we live in can be rough and full of obstacles in everyday life for people who don’t fit the norm.

One of the works is called: “Wings for Inclusion”. It shows a woman in a wheelchair who has grown large, colourful wings that carry her towards an inclusive and colourful world of tomorrow. Several ropes and hands reach down onto the stony world to pull the remaining people to the colourful globe that shines above her.

This special group of artists shows in a very direct way that art is able to overcome imaginary borders between different people. Their contributions encourage us as viewers to treat the differences of each individual with respect and appreciation. People with disabilities are part of our society, which we represent with great pride and joy in the group of festival artists. Visibility is a crucial building block for a more inclusive world.

1. MP-STUDIO | Bulgaria

A huge hot air balloon rises above the Berlin Cathedral. MP-STUDIO immerse the imposing building in a magical world of pink. Design: Nikol Shaldurova

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2. Gita Kurdpoor | Germany / Iran

NAKTAKS These 5 mythical creatures are powerful soul guides, and in their meaning should call us to trust more in our intuition and divine guidance. They unleash energies that help us overcome primal fears and sharpen our senses. They symbolize wisdom, awareness, emotions and attention. They pierce the veil of night and illuminate the darkness. They bring strength in troubled times, give the ability to see through connections. The NAKTAKS free us from emotional burdens on the way to inner peace.

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3. Otto Schade | Chile / Great Britain

The artwork of Otto Schade with his typical style elements shows that all colors of life are welcome. It is about love and acceptance in every sense.

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4. Ross Ashton | Great Britain

“Falling Leaves Flat” is the bright work of Ross Ashton and Abigail Holloway.

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5. Daniel Margraf | Germany

VIELFALT (English: diversity)

Diversity makes us think about the differences that make us whole as a collective. At first glance, the arrangement of elements seems random, yet upon closer reflection, a sense of unity emerges. This dynamic interplay invites the viewer to think about the connections we have despite our different shapes and sizes.

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6. MODULUX | Austria

What creative minds can conjure up by combining AI and their own creativity can be seen in the colorful patterns of the image “Colours of (artificial) Life”. The architectonic subtleties, on the contrary, were highlighted by hand. The Austrian team Modulux thus shows how we can use AI as a creative tool in the future without leaving our own style behind.

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7. Louisa Band | Germany

WINGS FOR INCLUSION is designed by mouth painter Louisa Band. It portrays a woman in a wheelchair who has grown large, colorful wings that carry her toward an inclusive and colorful world of tomorrow. Multiple ropes and hands reach down onto the stony world to carry the remaining people onto the colorful globe that shines above her.

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8. Lars Höllerer | Germany

The cheerful color motif FOR YOU. A FLOWER BOUQUET FULL OF FAITH-LOVE-HOPE by mouth painter Lars Höllerer.

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9. Thomas Kahlau | Germany

Thomas Kahlau’s work “Wild Poppies in the Mark Brandenburg” pays homage to the fields of his homeland.

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You are welcome to photograph this installation for personal use. However, we would like to inform you that commercial use of photos and videos of the installation without our permission is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.